The Unbeliever (short fiction)

It had started with vampires, ghosts, werewolves, and other creatures that had gone bump in the night. When the monsters of legend had stepped from the shadows and into the undeniable light of day, it was assumed that they’d always been there all along.

The cryptids were next. Nessie, bigfoot, chupacapbras, the Jersey Devil, among others. All those impossible creatures that shouldn’t have existed but somehow did. And maybe always had.

Except they hadn’t.

Then flying saucers had appeared over Washington and a great white whale sank a cruise ship in the Bahamas. People started suspecting something was wrong. Reality was far more flexible than anyone had ever suspected, and a threshold had been crossed. Whatever force was in charge of keeping the universe sensible had cracked, and things were slipping into being that had no business in a logical universe.

The helicopter skimmed over Tokyo, following the trail of destruction left by the latest error in reality. The city was menaced regularly by these kaiju attacks, and its unbeliever had been able to hold them back up until now. But this time, a piece of fallen rubble had killed him, and as expected, conventional weapons were useless against the beast.

“How close do I need to get?” asked the pilot.

Josh didn’t reply. It was never consistent. Some errors were stronger than others, and an unbeliever’s abilities could wax or wane without explanation. He’d once destroyed a giant sewer alligator simply by reading a report about it. Another time, he’d practically had to touch a Martian to undo it.

The kaiju came into view. It was an absurd mix of turtle and boar. It howled. Its eyes flared as it blasted a building with radioactive beams. The monster turned its gaze toward the helicopter as it prepared to shoot them out of the sky.

Josh reminded himself of all the laws of physics radioactive laser vision violated. Even if the creature were capable of storing and channeling that much energy in its body, the process of emission should’ve burned its eyes out of its head.

The kaiju’s eyes stopped glowing. It roared curiously.

He recalled the cube squared law. It should’ve been enough to cause the creature to collapse under its own weight. It didn’t work. The kaiju stomped its foot and lashed out with its spiked tail.

“I need you to get me down on the ground,” said Josh.

“If you say so, sir.”

They landed not too far from the monster. He ordered the pilot to fly away. This worked better if he didn’t have an escape route handy. Though that sort of logic hadn’t saved Tokyo’s previous unbeliever.

The pavement thundered with its every step and as it drew closer, Josh held his ground. The kaiju stood before him and bellowed. It gazed down at him with mild curiosity.

“You’re impossible,” said Josh, more to himself than the creature.

The kaiju stumbled. It fell to its knees and wheezed. Its lungs and heart struggled to work. There was no magical sensation in Josh. When he unbelieved something, he didn’t feel anything special at work. He just knew he could do it because he had done it in the past. Whatever forces were at work, whether he was channeling something or canceling something out or whatever else he might be doing, they were as much a mystery to him as anyone else.

“You can’t exist.” Josh spoke it like an incantation, a reminder to the cosmos that this thing before him was a mistake in need of correction.

The kaiju collapsed and exhaled its last. Sometimes, these things would cease to exist, vanishing without a trace. Sometimes, they died but still had to be cleaned up. This monster was the latter. Tokyo had gotten experienced in monster disposal.

The helicopter landed, and Josh climbed aboard the helicopter.

“You’re crazy, man,” said the pilot.

Josh smiled. Like all unbelievers, he risked his life protecting the world from the impossible. It was a crazy job but somebody had to do it.

The call came in of a horde of hopping vampires in Nagoya. The pilot turned the helicopter around as Josh cast one last look at the dead kaiju below.

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One Comment

  1. Nathan (Wilson)
    Posted July 17, 2015 at 7:18 pm | Permalink

    This almost seemed like something The Specialist could do, but then I realized, he not only believes in some of this stuff, he knows its existence. So, I guess the Unbeliever has a slightly different skill.

    Note: Your main page title currently has a typo. This page is correct, but your homepage, according to my browser, reads “… of Divine Misforutne, Monster …”

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