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The Great God Gygax (short fiction)

Wren and Hess It was official policy to pair partners across species whenever possible with the idea that it would diminish hanky panky among the ranks. It was semi-successful. No one was really surprised when a gnome and an elf overcame their height differences to end up falling into bed. And it was pretty much […]
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Ernie (short fiction)

The village had enough problems to deal with before the one-armed skeleton walked into town. The winters were too cold, and the summers were too hot. The ground was inhospitable. The taxes were too high, and there was no way to avoid paying them since the baron’s castle sat on a hill only a few […]
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Action Force Mailbag

It’s been a while since we’ve opened the official A. Lee Martinez Action Force mailbag.  Before we dive in, I just want to remind all the members of the Action Force that if you have a question, comment, mindless fawning, whatever that you’d like to share, you can reach me on Twitter (@ALeeMartinez), Facebook (A.Lee.Martinez.37), […]
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Unit 12 (short fiction)

Unit 12 hunted through the ruins of the city. 12 was not a hunting unit, but it was an adapting machine. Once, there had been thousands of them, but scanning the empty radio waves, 12 knew they were all gone. There were likely others out there, but it had been decades since 12 had seen […]
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