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One of These Doomsdays, Chapter Eight

She was short and plump with long blonde hair held back in an off-center scrunchy. Her ponytail jutted to the right. The gasmask completely covered her face and made her voice sound electric. “Who the hell are you?” She adjusted the bag of groceries in her left hand while keeping her gun pointed at them. […]
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Legends (short fiction)

Korak the Bold woke with an arrow sticking through his head. He suspected something was wrong immediately. The goddess of death walked among the corpses, collecting souls and stuffing them in her bag. From one angle, she appeared as a seductive young woman. From another, a withered old crone. And from just the right viewpoint, […]
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One of These Doomsdays, Chapter Seven

The cat was surprisingly relaxed about being shoved into Felix’s duffle bag. “Do you really have to take that with us?” asked Gretel. He scratched the cat’s ears. “We can’t just leave it. It might be the only other living thing on Earth.” “Ants are alive.” “The last living thing that doesn’t want to eat […]
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Puzzle Pieces (writing)

Not everything in a story is a mystery meant to be solved.  There’s a difference between a plot hole and a deliberately ambiguous point.  This has become lost lately as writers and audiences have taken to analyzing every little moment for signs of greater significance.  One of the great things about the internet is that […]
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