To Love and Lose

Hey, guess what?  Dollhouse’s ratings are still pretty low.  I say this without judgment.  I haven’t really enjoyed the show (what little I’ve seen of it), but I’m just one guy.  I never enjoyed a single thing about Gilmore Girls, and that did pretty well.  So what do I know?

Things get cancelled.  Great things.  We all know this.  So why is it that some things evoke a fan-based delirium and some don’t?  Beats the hell out of me.

I know, Whedon fans, how you adore him.  How Firefly was apparently the greatest show ever created (although it really wasn’t on long enough to prove it), but really, I wish you’d just get over it.

Maybe this is just my perspective, but I’m used to things I like getting cancelled.  I regret it, but I move on with my life.  But, hey, if I gotta hear about Dollhouse & Firefly, then at least do me a favor and listen to theis list of awesome things that never got their fair shot.

KOLCHACK THE NIGHTSTALKER:  Yes, this show was on and off the air before I was even watching television, but it’s a damned fun show.  I love Kolchack.  He didn’t disappear entirely.  Moonstone Comics occasionally tells a Kolchack story.  They had a solid mini series a few years ago.  And they tried to revive the series a few years ago, but they completely missed the point of the original.  They ditched the monsters and went X-Files, which robbed the idea of all its charm and just turned it generic.

MANIMAL:  Our hero can turn into any animal.  Although for budget reasons, he tends to just transform into the same two.  But Manimal was still awesome.

AUTOMAN:  A police detective discovers a way to bring a video game character to life.  Together, they fight crime.  Every bit as beautiful as it sounds.

ELEVENTH HOUR:  Imagine this.  A show about a science guy who solves crimes that is damn good.  Nobody really noticed Eleventh Hour when it was on, but it was a good show.

CENTURY CITY:  Lawyers in the future!  This one was doomed from the start.  I knew that.  It didn’t last long, but I enjoyed ever episode I saw.  It was an original concept and a unique take on lawyer & sci fi shows.  Of course, it never had a chance, and I don’t know if it would’ve kept entertaining me.  But it was at least original enough that it deserved a shot in my humble opinion.

THE THING:  This isn’t a TV show, but a comic book.  A few years ago, the Ever-Lovin’ Blue-Eyed Thing got his own solo series.  It was terrific.  Great writing.  Great fun.  Great art.  It lasted all of 9 issues before Marvel realized they were producing a comic that didn’t have Wolverine or Spider-Man in it.  Couldn’t let that last, could they?

This one really bugs me because I didn’t expect the Thing’s series to last, but it would’ve been nice to at least make it to issue 12.  Would one year have been too much to ask, Marvel?  Guess so.

WAR OF THE MONSTERS:  A video game.  The best monster-based fighting game ever, bar none.  While the game is great, it didn’t do well enough to warrent a sequel.  Which stinks because if the developers had gotten a chance to develop it further, I think they would’ve ditched its flaws and improved it considerably.

If Halo fans can act like their generic space marine FPS obsession is a gift direct from The Mighty Robot King himself, then I think I’m entitled to at least one decent kaiju-fightin’ video game.

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