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In The Company of Ogres

In The Company of Ogres For someone whos immortal, Never Dead Ned manages to die with alarming frequencyhe just has the annoying habit of rising from the grave. But this soldier might truly be better dead than face his latest assignment. Ogre Company is the legions dumping grounda motley, undisciplined group of monsters whose leaders […]

From the Ashes…

So here we go.  A whole new website.  Sorry for the inconvenience, gang, but these things happen.  But I look at it like this.  From destruction rises creation, the circle of life, yin and yang.  You get the idea. Anyway, here we are.  And I find myself with the beginning of a new blog to […]
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Death’s Excellent Vacation (Anthology) Divine Misfortune Monster Too Many Curses The Automatic Detective A Nameless Witch In The Company of Ogres Gil’s All Fright Diner     Permanent link to this post (28 words, estimated 7 secs reading time)
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