Syfy Original Movie Title Winners!

So here we are.  Finally!  The announcement of the winners of the first ever A. Lee Martinez Create Your Own Original Syfy Movie Title contest.  We had a ton of great entries, gang.  If I could, I’d give you all a book, but that would just spoil you.  But rather than just one winner, I’ve decided to have one grand prize winner as well as two runners up.

Before I announce the winners, I’d like to list those that, while great, didn’t make the cut.  You’re all winners.  Really.  It’s just that some are more winners than others.  Still, it was a tough call, and all of these made me giggle while others made me laugh out loud.  If Syfy dares to pay attention, they might be able to make some great movies off of this list.

The Honorable Mentions:

Psoriasaurus: The Burning

The Squids of Bettlegueus Take on Goliath

The Bearded Lady Vs The Balding Man

Schnozosaurus Tex and The Unquenchable Tissue from Hell

Batshark 2: Rise of the Sharkbat

Gateway to Tremblestar

Hidden Empire of the Ant-Demon-Piranha People


Artic Hell

The Alien Inside Us

Slime Pool of DOOM

The Return of Pirahnapocalypse

Were-Monkeys and the Treasure of Greybeard The Old Sky Pirate

Yeti Detective Agency

Sasquatch in Space

Tutenkamen Vs Space Ninjas

Starbuck: FrapaMoca VS MocaFrapa



Attack of the Neo Death Dragon

The Dragon and the Hare

How to Eat Friend Wormholes of Time


Attack of the Kongatron

Rabid Ears: Hip Hop

Cyclocorn: Invasion of the Orcopolis


Megaloptroid Vs Kongatron




Mind Wipe: Tabula Rasa




Sinbad Fights the Devil Monkey Lord


Sharkscorpion: Whiptide

Space Scorpions


Night of the Sugergliders

Revenge from Atlantis

Mutant Mermaids

Yeti VS. Polar Bear

Hillbilly Holocaust



From Hare to Eternity: Giant Mutant Bunny Attack

Son of the Chupa-Cobra

Rhino Virus

Rhinosaurus Rex

Leperous Lemurs

Acid Vultures

Deathless Koalas



The Karate Crickets


Warhog VS. Gatling Shark

Radioactive Chimps

C yborg Cows from Alpha Centauri

Mosquito Hospital

Space Sorority


Dracula Holocaust

Rachel Getting Buried


Crocosaur VS Space Octopus

Dino Puncher

Mummy Jungle

Moon Spiders

Virtual Reality Shark


Redneck Zombies from Outer Space


Shape Shifting Platypuses from DImension Delta

Rocker Jockies from Mars

Plague Crows

Gigashark VS. Megapirahna

Mansquito VS. Tremors VS. Giant Shark

Clash of the Tentacles: Giant Squid VS. Mega Cthulhu

Spyder Storm

Cobra VS. Mongoose: Riki Tiki Terror

Cephalapod: The Musical

Death By Wolfpack

Hog Wild: Wilbur’s Revenge

Rhinosadog: Fluffy’s Loose


Cyclonius: The Living Hurricane

Doughn’t: Attack of the Sin-gerbreadman

Hopocalypse Now! Revenge of Peter Rabbit

Shrek’s in the City

Attack of the Fifty Foot Teen Pop Princess

Sabertooth Meerkat


Cubicle Hell

Death Duckies of Destruction

Guppy from the Black Lagoon

Mimes: Out of the Box

Mega Mimes VS. The Clowns of Mars

Giant Narwahl VS. Atomic Jellyfish

Voyage of the Spawn Treader

Mega Chihuahua

Atomic Dog VS. Nuclear Kitty

Megashark VS. Dragon Storm: The Final Chapter

The Return of T-Rex

Squiddactyl: The Inking

Runner Up #1:


This not only sounds like a great Syfy thriller, it’s topical, which makes it even better.  Just proof that you can put Mega in front of anything and end up with a decent title.  And the fact that we’re actually living through this horror only makes it all the more terrifying.

Runner Up #2

Doomicorn: The Goring

Unicorns are dumb.  There.  I said it.  It’s a horse with a horn on its head.  As mythological creatures go, it’s pretty damn weak.  But this title makes me actually want to see a movie about a unicorn, and that has got to mean something.  I don’t know what, but it’s good enough for a prize.

And the Winner is…

Tyrannasaurus Hex

While we had a ton of great entries, this is one that just seems like it already should be a Syfy original.  How has someone not already made this movie?  It just seems like a gimme.

But what really sets this one apart is that, quite frankly, this is a title I want to steal.  Someone needs to write something called Tyrannasaurus Hex, and that someone is me.  I call dibs!

I’ll be contacting the winners to know where to mail their prizes.  Thanks again for everyone who participated.

Fighting the good fight, Writing the good write,


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  1. elizabeth
    Posted June 7, 2010 at 2:09 am | Permalink

    Mercedes Lackey and Andre Norton’s unicorns were scary. A mad creature with a razor sharp horn is definitely not something to mess with.

  2. Rippley
    Posted June 7, 2010 at 2:38 am | Permalink

    Alex made some awesome choices. I like all three of these titles. Yet, I see some honorable mentions that seem to play to the Syfy channel titles I know. (I know. I know. This is A Lee Martinez’s blog.) The person who created the title, ‘From Hare to Eternity: Giant Mutant Bunny Attack,’ (you know who you are) seems to channel the essence of Syfy television. I could see ‘From Hare” being an episode of Eureka!. ‘Spyder Storm’ could be the sequel to that movie Bats! with Lou Diamond Phillips. And ‘Cephalapod: The Musical’ or ‘Atomic Dog VS. Nuclear Kitty’ sounds like the type of movie I would Tivo for my Friday nights. And who wouldn’t watch ‘Sinbad Fights the Devil Monkey Lord.’ Anything with “Devil Monkey” or “Sinbad” in the title is a surefire hit. So, while Alex picked some great titles, I think these choices were dependent on Alex and not the essence of Syfy.

    p.s. no offense to the winners. Those titles really are great.

    That is all.

  3. Posted May 24, 2011 at 11:11 am | Permalink

    Revenge from Atlantis and Cubicle Hell seem interesting movie titles. I am a fan of thriller and horror movies but still I get scared. The scariest movie for me is The Ring and to tell you, I was not able to sleep properly for a week because of that movie.

  4. Amy Smith
    Posted May 29, 2011 at 10:05 am | Permalink

    Mercedes Lackey and Andre Norton’s unicorns are awesome.I like those horror movies.

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  5. tom
    Posted September 29, 2011 at 2:32 pm | Permalink

    The Founder of Prehistoric Channel just wrote his first thriller book called THE ICE GORILLA. Sounds like it would make a great syfy movie but I heard the movie producers are going to first wait and see how the book does sales wise before making a movie. Check out THE ICE GORILLA at amazon and lets see if we can get this book made into a movie.

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