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“If you see a book of matches move on its own then you’re either drunk or it must be a ghost.”  This is the kind of “logic” the frat boys of Ghost Adventures employ.  Is it any wonder I make fun of these ghost hunting reality shows?

Bought a new board game.  Twilight Imperium by Fantasy Flight Games.  It’s a big galactic conquest board game.  How big?  I recently bought two six foot long folding tables and side-by-side, they have barely enough room for the whole setup.

I’m having some friends over Sunday for a Twilight Imperium event.  Yes, a wild day of playing board games.  This is a peek into the exciting life of a professional novelologist.

Strange.  If you’d have told me only a few years ago that I’d be throwing a board game party, and that this board game would be a monster galactic conquest game that takes 5 -7 hours to play, and that I would actually have enough friends to fill out the 6 players maximum (with friends to spare), I’d probably think you were crazy.

Got some very cool news about the Gil’s All Fright Diner film project.  Not sure if I can give any more details than that right now, so I’ll just say that the possibility of a movie getting made is one step closer.  It’s a long road, but who knows?  Maybe it’ll happen.  Considering how lucky I’ve been in my career at this point, I think it’s possible.  But my cautious optimism says don’t push it.  Wait and see.

That film Brothers looks like a real feel-good film, doesn’t it?  I honestly don’t get the appeal of stuff like that.  Not just because of the lack of ninja assassins or robots either.  I just don’t see why people want to watch unhappy people in uncomfortable situations.  One of the reasons I’ve never been a fan of The Office.  But at least Toby McGuire finally gets to put his “serial killer eyes” to good use.  (In the words of someone I used to know.)

The older I get, the less I want to see films like this.  Life sucks.  Life is hard.  Joy and fun is hard to find.  I’d much rather spend an evening with friends, pretending to conquer the universe via plastic spaceships and dice, than watch a snoozefest depressathon that reminds me of how ugly reality can be.

So Tiger Woods is possibly a jerk.  And this matters to me because . . . ?  Seriously, I’m just wondering.  I know we like to prop professional athletes as role models, but there’s no rule that says being good at a sport requires you to be a good person.  This is hardly a shocking revelation at this point.  As far as I can tell, he slept around behind his wife’s back.  Crappy thing to do, but as crimes against humanity go, I’d probably give him a pass.

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