Thin Line (short fiction)

Empire City

The corpse of the cyborg gigantobear lay wrapped in the dozen tentacles of the equally terrible, equally dead tyranosquid. Technicians had worked for an hour to separate the two monsters of science gone wrong before calling it quits. Now they struggled to load the two abominations into a transport for proper disposal.

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Waking Up Green (short fiction)

Empire City

Cathy woke up with fur. Long and shaggy. Fluffy and green. She couldn’t even see until she went into the bathroom and trimmed the hair falling over her eyes.

“Well, damn it.”

Bill took the transformation a lot better than her. “Maybe it’ll fall out in a day or two. I’ve heard it’ll do that sometimes.”

Not all mutations were permanent. For those born with them, mutation was usually along for the ride, but spontaneous mutation sometimes didn’t always take. There’d been a guy three doors down who had a third eye for a week.

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Directives (short fiction)

Empire City

Jeff owed a lot of people money. He’d made bad decisions, but the money had been intentional. If you owed enough people, then chances were good that somebody somewhere would want you to stay alive on the off chance you might pay them back. He’d gotten good at talking his way out of trouble and making promises everyone knew he would never be able to keep, not even him. Sure, he rarely talked himself out of a beating, but broken bones and bruises healed. He’d learned to live with pain, and he told himself that if he stuck around long enough, if he didn’t give up, he’d make it someday. He almost believed it too.

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One of These Doomsdays, Chapter Two


It took Felix a long time to process the shambling undead thing before him. It didn’t occur to him to run. Not immediately. His brain, confronted with this weird creature, had to put all its efforts into rebooting. Survival instincts took a backseat. If the zombie had been only a step faster, she would’ve pounced on him, buried her teeth in his throat, torn his tender flesh from his bones.

But she wasn’t that fast, and once his senses came back, she was easy to outdistance by backing away slowly.

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