No Apologies (commentary)

So Ant-Man is obviously going to play around with the idea of someone becoming a superhero named “Ant-Man”, and I like that it has no problem acknowledging the weirdness of the shrinking superhero while also still being determined to be a superhero flick.

Tongue-in-cheek is hard to do. In the most recent Lone Ranger, there’s a lot of apologizing for the idea of the Lone Ranger, a lot of jokes at the character’s expense. In particular, it doesn’t sit well with me that the character’s iconic catch phrase “Hi Ho, Silver, Away!” is treated without any reverence, as embarrassing.

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With Great Pizza… (short fiction)

Super Janine


The thing nobody mentions during superhero orientation is that having superhuman strength is the equivalent of owning a pickup truck. All your friends are going to ask you to help them move.

I hefted the sofa over my head.

“Be careful with that, Janine,” said Henry.

“I’ve got it,” I replied.

“You said that about my coffee table, and now it has a nick in it where you banged against the wall.”

“You’re clairvoyant,” I said. “You should’ve seen it coming.”

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Johnny Cliche (short fiction)

“You’ll never walk away from this, Johnny,” he said.

“Who says I’m walking, Malone? I’m taking the train.” I kept my gun on him, and he kept his hands on the desk.

Malone smirked. “You don’t got the guts to pull that trigger. You’re a loser, Johnny. A schmuck. You’ll always be one.”

“And you’re a heartless son of a bitch,” I replied. “But you forgot one thing. I’m a man with nothing to lose.”

I grabbed the suitcase, opened it just long enough to glance at the neatly stacked bills inside.

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Transmutation (short fiction)

Wren & Hess

The shopkeeper opened the door for Wren and Hess.

“You aren’t the regular inspectors,” said the shopkeeper.

“We’re filling in,” said Hess. “Bad case of troll rot running through the constabulary. Alchemy inspectors were hit extra hard.”

The shopkeeper rubbed his hands on his robe. “I see. Come in then. I don’t have all day.”

The shop was little more than a hole-in-the-wall in a corner of the Dregs. There was enough space for Wren and Hess and the shopkeeper and the potions lining the walls, and that was about it.

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