1234567 (short fiction)

Clones had their own particular sense of humor. It probably had as much to do with their childhoods or lack thereof. Being grown in a vat with your head full of facts and trade skills but without any real experience was a different way of coming into this world.

Clone 1234567 took a lot of shit about her name. Not from humans. Humans didn’t usually take the time to even notice. But other clones found it hilarious. She’d thought about changing it, but it was tattooed on her forehead, and when she was in uniform, it was stenciled on all her equipment. Her helmet didn’t hide it. The big black letters made it even more noticeable.

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In the Shadow of the Sea God (short fiction)

The world had a history of gods, strange and mundane. Gods of miracles. Gods of wrath. Gods of love. Gods of hate. There must have been thousands of them. But the one thing all these gods had in common was that they were always somewhere else. Atop Mount Olypmus. Above the clouds. In the firmament. Beyond.

Gods didn’t hang out with mortals, and now that they did, everyone understood why.

The gods weren’t anything humans had ever imagined. Powerful titans rising from the oceans, beneath the earth, astride passing comets, they came to this world without explanation. Great and terrible things, hideous and inhuman.

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Needs (short fiction)

She didn’t want to go out tonight. She never did.

“You could stay with me,” he said.

Snow swirled outside the window. It was a cold, dark night, but she’d seen colder and darker. They both had.

She started getting dressed.

“They’re waiting for me,” she said.

“One of these nights, you won’t make it back,” he said.

He was right.

“They need me.”

“I need you too.”

She closed her eyes. “I can’t have this conversation again.”

“Then stay. You’re just delaying the inevitable. You’re not doing them any favors.”

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. . . For a Dollar (short fiction)

There was a fortune waiting out there, just waiting for the right person to come along and find it. Brisby had spent decades scouring the darkest, most obscure corners of the universe in search of his. Those places nobody thought worth much because all the worthwhile places had been claimed. But the universe was big, and Brisby refused to believe that all its secrets had been discovered.

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