Mean Streets (short fiction)

There were only a four or five of us generation one autocabs still prowling the mean streets of the city. Ever since the Learned Council had passed an ordinance requiring all vehicles be piloted, we were an obsolete design. People didn’t like self-driving machines. They liked having someone to talk to. Even if that someone was only a robot in the driver’s seat. Gave it the personal touch.

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B Movie Mentality

I’m going to talk about storytelling, and it is going to be critical of the current nature of storytelling.  Specifically, it’ll be about film, but first, a few disclaimers:

These are not universal conclusions.  There are exceptions to every rule, and for every example I’m about to give, I’m sure many people will disagree.  That’s cool.  This isn’t a hard science, where right and wrong are obvious and testable.  These are simply the musings of a low mid-list novelologist.  They might not be particularly flattering or positive thoughts, they are no doubt tinged with some of the baggage I carry as a “light” writer.

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Champions (short fiction)

If anyone had asked the dragon Redtail if a knight would ever get the best of her, she’d have killed them on the spot. Knights were silly little things. Armor didn’t keep her from crushing them beneath her tail, and if she gnawed long enough, the armor always came off. She feared no knight, no warriors, no champion. Perhaps an army might give her some trouble, but marching an army to her lair from the nearest city was no easy feat. The one time someone had tried it, she’d just flown away.

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One of These Doomsdays, Chapter One

Hi there, Action Force.  Today, instead of a short fiction piece, I’ve decided to post the opening chapter to my novel One of These Doomsdays.  The novel is unsold at the moment, and while I work on the Constance Verity trilogy, it’ll probably be a while before Doomsdays sees print.  I don’t know homuch I’ll end up putting up, but if it gets a good response, we’ll see.  

Speaking of response, feel free to leave a comment.  Or, if you’d prefer a more direct message, e-mail me at HIPSTERCTHULHU@HOTMAIL.COMI still feel as if I’m working in a vacuum at times, and it’s always nice to hear from fans (and potential fans).  Hope you enjoy it, Action Force.

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