Baby Driver vs. The House

I saw two movies this holiday weekend: Baby Driver and The House. My review for Baby Driver is complicated. My review for The House isn’t.

The House is a goofy movie full of silly characters in exaggerated situations. Its premise is absurd, though it knows this. It’s goal is to make you laugh simply by doing weird things that follow their own logic. There’s nothing overtly complex about it. It is unlikely to be viewed as a comedy classic, but I liked it unambiguously, which is not something I can say about Baby Driver, a movie that I struggle to rate.

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Baby Driver

My feelings on Baby Driver are complex. It’s not as simple as good / bad because there’s a lot to love about the movie. I give everyone involved full credit for sincerely creating a great movie in many regards.
But by the end, I found myself disinterested by the substance under the greatness. I found myself disappointed by certain choices. Not that those choices were invalid, but rather, they were unappealing to me, as an audience.
And, when the very last moments of the story actually manage to make me actively dislike your protagonist, well, that’s kind of a big deal.
Baby Driver isn’t a failure. Even disliking many of its elements, I admire that it’s a movie with a clear aesthetic vision, with some great acting, some great direction. Many of the flaws I found with it are as much a product of the crime genre as anything else, so it’s a bit difficult to say anything terribly negative about the movie. But, jeepers, I just didn’t end up liking it that much, and the more I think about it, the less enamored I am of it.
It’s a weird criticism to say that a movie is good when I wished it was great. It’s reverse of the “Better than expected” defense, i.e. “That didn’t suck as much as I expected.” I don’t find that invalid, but it’s a hell of a lot easier to criticize something when you outright love or hate it or if you’re indifferent to it. But how do you discuss something you both enjoyed and wished was better?
Baby Driver: I loved about half of it!
Feel free to use that on the DVD release, Hollywood.
Keelah Se’lai
Fighting the good fight, Writing the good write,
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Bad Advice for New Writers

You get a lot of advice when you pursue a writing career. Almost of all of it is well-meaning, but much of it is discouraging or confusing. I’ll be the first to admit that after years in this business I often feel like I understand it less and less. The Dunning Kruger Effect in full force perhaps, or perhaps I honestly don’t know much. But I do feel confident that much of the advice given is bad or outright wrong. So let’s talk about that.




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Sharing Universes

Comic book superheroes are weird, both within their own stories and on the outside world from which they’re created. One of the weirdest things is to realize that any superhero with any history has been handled by multiple creators, leading to multiple interpretations and often a spectrum of what defines those characters. This can lead to some confusion among any character that has been around for more than a decade or two. Fans and creators will often latch onto whatever element they loved about the character and assume stories about that are more valid and worthwhile. This overlooks the truth that fictional characters aren’t real, and that they behave how creators want them to. As much as we might like to consider these characters as real people, they have no will or personality of their own. They exist and behave with the intent and design of people behind the scenes.

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