The Neutral List

It is surprisingly difficult to be neutral on anything.

I loved Frozen.  So did a lot of other people.  As far as I can tell, not many people hated the movie with the exception of a few nutjobs who decided it had some secret homosexual and / or witchcraft agenda, but those people hardly count.  Some people, however, were not as impressed by it, and there’s almost a defensive nature to their response.

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The Grimdark Games

I read an article recently discussing things fantasy and science fiction could really use more of.  At the top of that list was “A sense of fun.”

Yeah, you could definitely say that’s missing.

In my most recent interview (check out #sffwrtcht on Twitter if you’re interested in giving it a glance) I mentioned that my strongest writing influences are Walt Simonson’s epic run on Marvel Comic’s Thor series, Duck Tales, and Darkwing Duck.  You could also throw in monster movies, and, though I only discovered them after I’d been writing for a while, the pulp adventure stories of Edgar Rice Burroughs.  I’m no longer self-conscious about admitting that because those are worthy influences, and they’ve made me a better writer.

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I’ve been playing the heck out of Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare.  As should hardly be surprising at this point, I rather like weird games where things (killer plants) fight other things (zombies).  Garden Warfare is an online third-person shooter video game, and it’s simply charming.  I know that most hardcore gamers will balk at the colorful, cartoony graphics, but at its heart, this is a brutal battle where no quarter is asked nor given.

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Mr. Peabody & Sherman (a movie review)

Mr. Peabody & Sherman was probably one of those properties that was least requiring any kind of full-length movie adaptation.  The original Peabody’s Improbably Histories (featured on The Bullwinkle Show) was, intentionally, a slight confection.  Fractured Fairy Tales versions of history.  Classics, for certain, but it’s difficult to imagine anyone building them into something else.  DWA’s Mr. Peabody & Sherman, by necessity, is required to take the concept places it wasn’t originally meant to go, and while it could go very wrong, it ends up creating a rather charming tale of adventure and what makes a family.  That it does so without straying too far from the source material is a worthy accomplishment, and one that shouldn’t be readily dismissed.

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