Shared Universes and Restrictions in Storytelling

Shared Universes are fun. As a long-time comic book superhero fan, I am familiar with the convention of a universe of characters, all having their own adventures, both individually and in groups. And there’s something neat about seeing our favorite characters meet, which is probably why so much fanfiction has been created in that genre. And just plain ol’ traditional fiction as well. It’s probably easier to list the public domain characters that haven’t met Dracula or Sherlock Holmes at this point than all the ones that have.

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Drama with a Capital D

Let’s talk about DRAMA. Or MATURITY. Or DEPTH. Or whatever you want to call it. Let’s talk about in storytelling specifically because that’s my job.

As you’d no doubt expect from me if you read this blog with any regularity, I have a different definition of Drama and Maturity (both capitalized) than a lot of people. I’ve already admitted I’m not a fan of downer endings, and I don’t think that being Sad or Dull equals Intelligence or Sophistication.

Lot of capitalization going on there, but I’m talking about big concepts here. Concepts nobody really quite agrees on.

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The Language of Everything

Everything has a language. By that, I mean everything is a history and usually can only be truly appreciated in context of the history around it. This history forms the linguistics of understanding something on a deeper level. And I do mean EVERYTHING. From plumbing to architecture to sculpture and stories, if you don’t engage in the larger context around something, you might enjoy it, but you won’t understand it.

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Spider-Man: Homecoming

Saw Spider-Man: Homecoming this weekend. It was pretty good. I’d venture to say great perhaps.

What’s interesting to me about Homecoming versus any other Spidey film is that this is the one that actually seems like a logical update of the character. I’m not talking about the diversifying of his supporting cast (though that is a great thing) or the integration to the current Marvel cinematic universe (though the story uses the setting in a very smart way, which I want to give kudos for.)

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