Euryale (short fiction)

She was everything he wanted in a girlfriend: smart, funny, sexy, with a voice like an angel, and a kind, encouraging nature. She was always there for him, but not in a creepy Center-of-Her-Universe way. She was a wonderful, warm, beautiful woman who brightened his days with a smile or a touch of a hand or just by singing in the kitchen while cooking breakfast. She was the perfect girlfriend.

She was a lousy muse however.

Bram stared at his blank computer screen. Not a word. Not a lousy word. And it was Euryale’s fault.

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Tusk (short fiction)

In the glow of the irradiated, red sky, Tusk had watched her pack die, one by one. Most had been born wrong to begin with and only lasted as long as they had through sheer stubborn resolve. Tusk had been lucky. She sported a pair of withered wings on her back. They were useless but didn’t get in the way. The large tooth sticking out of her jaw irritated her now and then, but she’d always had the pain. She lived with it.

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Dinner for Five (short fiction)

Chasing the Moon



“I was born in the primordial fires of a ravenous universe. I arose from its belly with an insatiable hunger, and a trillion, trillion souls were sacrificed to satisfy my boundless appetites. Still, it was not enough. It will never be enough. But long after your wretched little world is a dead marble floating through the void, I shall continue onward, consuming until there is nothing left to devour, until I stand alone in the emptiness, ever hungry even after the last scrap has been swallowed.”

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Pixels (movie review)

Is this the only unbiased Pixels review you’ll read? Maybe. So pay attention.

Pixels isn’t a great movie, but it is a good one. It takes a silly concept and runs with it, and ends up an enjoyable diversion. The characters are simple. The plot predictable. The creativity is above average and the integration of classic video game logic even works most of the time.

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