50 Shades of Conventional Gender Roles (commentary)

I’m not here to judge anyone’s lifestyle choice. Well, not most anyone. But there is something profoundly creepy about the version of romance portrayed by 50 Shades of Gray. I’m not talking about the notion of BDSM. I’m just talking about the idea that romance is a thing to be forced upon us, that a relationship is about one person (usually a man) conquering another (usually a woman). Is this healthy? Is this a way a modern relationship should develop?

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Colorblind Casting (writing)

We need to acknowledge that race matters, and that it matters a lot. As wonderful as the notion of being “Colorblind” is, it accidentally (and sometimes even intentionally) minimizes the experiences people might have that are unique to them. As much as some people might like to believe otherwise, your skin color, ethnic perceptions, and gender have a profound and lasting impact on who you are. It’s not always fair, but it’s undeniable.

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The Great God Gygax (short fiction)

Wren and Hess

It was official policy to pair partners across species whenever possible with the idea that it would diminish hanky panky among the ranks. It was semi-successful. No one was really surprised when a gnome and an elf overcame their height differences to end up falling into bed. And it was pretty much impossible to pair the catgirl with anyone, male or female, without sex happening eventually. Hell, Gendarme Wren had only been partnered with Officer Sheba for a week, and they’d almost made out.


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Ernie (short fiction)

The village had enough problems to deal with before the one-armed skeleton walked into town. The winters were too cold, and the summers were too hot. The ground was inhospitable. The taxes were too high, and there was no way to avoid paying them since the baron’s castle sat on a hill only a few miles away. But the people made do the best way they could. Mostly, by ignoring things.

They ignored the unnamable stink always in the air. They ignored the crows, hundreds of them, always everywhere, always crapping on everything. They ignored the baron most of the time. They ignored their gods, and their gods were kind enough to return the favor.
And they ignored the skeleton.

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