The Book of Life (movie review)

The Book of Life is a good movie and one that I recommend.  Before I get into a more in-depth exploration of my thoughts on the movie, take that away from the top.  The movie has some problems, but they aren’t insurmountable and only distracting in retrospect.  We’ll start with the negatives first.

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The Dangerous Inner Lives of Superheroes

So the new Age of Ultron trailer is out, and it looks like standard stuff at this point.  Being the middle part of a planned trilogy, it has elected (unsurprisingly) for The Empire Strikes Back route, going darker, more serious, and, yes, even a bit pretentious.  I know I’m in a pretty small minority when I say Empire is easily my least favorite of the original trilogy.  It might be the “darkest” of the original trilogy, but as I’ve said before, “dark” doesn’t equal “maturity”.  It’s safe to say that the theme of this one will be the Avengers getting their comeuppance after the triumph of their previous film.  In the original comic books, Ultron is an evil robot built by Hank Pym and one of Pym’s greatest mistakes.  No doubt, this new Ultron will be a creation of Iron Man, and the Avengers, instead of sweeping in to save the day will be stuck cleaning up their own mess.  I would be incredibly surprised if it doesn’t end with the Avengers being officially disbanded and a strong downer (read “mature”) element.

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Maybe (short fiction)

He wondered who she was. He didn’t know. He would never know. In a city of millions, she was just another nameless face, lost in the crowd, devoured by indifference. He often wondered, if he’d met her while she’d still been alive, if she would’ve liked him, if he would’ve liked her.

Probably not. He’d met plenty of runaways before, and they were damaged goods. They only saw him as a cop who hassled them, and they weren’t wrong. He did hassle them. He shooed them away from the places they weren’t supposed to be, even knowing that it just drove them deeper into the shadows, the forgotten places. He tried, every so often, to help one. It never worked.

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Prequel Checklist Syndrome (culture)

 I don’t care for prequels.

Let me amend that.

I don’t think anyone should care for prequels.

I’m not talking about the original definition.  Originally, a prequel was simply a story that took place before a previous story.  The Temple of Doom is a prequel in the chronology of Indiana Jones’s life.  Jungle Tales of Tarzan is a midquel for the Tarzan character, taking place between the beginning of the first novel and Tarzan’s first run in with Europeans later in that same novel.  In both these cases and many others, prequel was simply a story designed to fit somewhere within the already established continuity of a character or a universe.  I have no problem with those sort of prequels. 

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