Gray (short fiction)

We looked to the skies, every day, and waited for the ships to arrive. We prayed to never see them, but they would come. It was inevitable.

The scoutship came to land not far from our village, though to call it a village was generous. It was little more than ramshackle shelters and a few dozen huddled survivors trying not to die on this barely livable world.

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Age of Ultron (movies)

After a lot of thought and plenty of eavesdropping on the conversation about Age of Ultron, I’ve decided to add my own thoughtful analysis to the discussion because this is the internet and I am a public figure (technically) who is renowned for my love of the superhero genre. Also, I have opinions and am more than willing to share them, but this makes me no different than your average schmuck on the internet. Still, as a fame-ish person who has been a fan of these characters and worlds for longer than I’ve actually been writing, hopefully, I can offer some unique insight.

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First Day (short fiction)

Jago Jones


Jago was too old to go back to school, but the Secret Masters hadn’t given her many choices. After a few aptitude tests and some paperwork, she was approved for The Academy, where the best and the brightest in the unique skills required to rule the world went. Then she was drugged and transported to a hidden location.

She awoke in her dorm room to the a steady thunk of her new roomie throwing knives at a target on the wall. Jago sat up, rubbed her temple.

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The Edge of Flames (short fiction)

Wren and Hess


Hess, like all lizardfolk, had little use for gods. It was assumed by his race that their goddess had laid the eggs from which the first of his kind hatched and then wandered away to leave them to fend for themselves. She would return one day to devour those souls that met with her disapproval, but there wasn’t much to be done about it, so they didn’t bother with worship.

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