Y’know what sucks?  Seeing someone you used to be close to but now have mixed feelings about throwing their life away.  What’s worse is that some small part of you, some tiny li’l bastard in your heart-of-hearts, enjoys it.

So the various Republicans caught in affairs keep calling for everyone to just ignore it and respect their privacy.  Although these very same people said Clinton should step down or be impeached for his own indiscretion.  I could call it hypocritical, but why bother?

Sarah Palin.  Supergirl.  Two characters I wish would stop being sold to me as relevant or interesting when they just aren’t.

A friend of mine just spent a bundle on a new car.  Good for him.  But I don’t care about cars.  Or houses.  Or furniture.  Or big screen TVs.  Am I simple man?  I guess so, and honestly, I think I’m better for it.  There’s so much stuff we’re supposed to want, but it’s all just bull.  If I can pay my bills and buy my Monsterpocalypse fix, I’m good.

Van Wilder 3?  Really?  I mean . . . really?

Warehouse 13 is a decent show, and a welcome blast of fun on SyFy.  Not great, but it’s just starting.  Of course, it’ll probably just get canceled in favor of a new Stargate spin-off.  Although Eureka is still on.

Invincible is not a very good comic.  Neither is Fables.  And y’know what?  I could do without Garth Ennis’s latest soulless swearing, sex, and ultraviolent “humor”.

Working with Hollywood is always a strange experience.  As a novelist, I’m used to working on my own (with some valued input from my publisher’s editing staff and my workshop buddies), but making movies is more collaborative.  I’m always happy to be invited to the party, but I’m always glad to just plug in my laptop and get back to the business of novelology.

Did I mention new Monsterpocalypse?  Hell, yeah!  I have 3 of the 6 monsters, a few new units, and a couple of installations, including a one-eye tentacle monster bursting out of a building.  Sounds like I should sue somebody. 😉

A new comic is being released by Image Comics called North 40.  It’s about a small town where a young woman and her boyfriend release a monster god.  Also, vampires and werewolves.  Copycat?  Naw, I’m pretty sure it’s just coincidence.  After all, it’s not like I invented the rural horror genre.  Or tentacle monsters.  Or vampires.  Weird to realize that I really didn’t invent much of anything at all in Gil’s.  Just stole a bunch of pieces from other stories and cobbled them into something coherent.  That’s pretty much all writing is.  It’s not the pieces.  It’s the way you fit them together.

So there’s some kind of black slime monster off the coast of Alaska.  No, really.  Is this the horrible beast from the fathoms that will finally devour us all?

Millions of people die every year and nobody gives a damn.  One culturally irrelevant pop star dies, and we can’t stop talking about it.  Am I happy Michael Jackson is dead?  No.  Do I think the world is a worse place now that he’s gone?  Hard to say.  In a broad “No man is an island” sense, I’ll say, sure.  But don’t expect me to feel as if the world has stopped spinning.

G.I. Joe looks like it could be pretty cool.  I love that it’s completely uninterested in shades of gray or relevance.  It’s just colorful good guys against colorful bad guys with underwater bases, acid missles, and ninjas!  Oh, and the Baroness.

Super Smash Bros.  Never liked this series.  It’s like a fighting game without the depth.

Mmmmm.  Baroness.

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One Comment

  1. Gabe
    Posted July 16, 2009 at 10:04 am | Permalink

    G.I. Joe: I’m only going for the ninjas, but I have a strong feeling they’ll ruin that

    BTW, I’m totally sold on Senataur. “All in favor, say ‘yea.'” “Yea.” “Not in favor, say–” “Neeeeiiiiiggggghhhhhh.” “That Senataur!”

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