The Fall of Venus: Weird War of the Space Vampires

So a while back, I posted this idea of a gigantic A. Lee Martinez Crossover Event called The Weird War of the Space Vampires. Is this the beginning of it? Maybe. Still experimenting with the idea a bit here, but if I get a good response, I don’t see why I can’t continue it.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy it. Always glad to see Zala from Emperor Mollusk vs. the Sinister Brain.



Weird War of the Space Vampires


The war was over.

The invaders had come out of nowhere. Their armada had materialized like titanic phase vorps over Venus’s major cities and unleashed a tide of soldiers and war machines. A defense might still have been mounted, but the infiltrators and saboteurs had struck at that same moment. Protectorate headquarters had fallen, destroyed by its own Master General. Of the soldiers left, perhaps one in a hundred was a spy for the enemy. It was enough to sow distrust, enough to stifle resistance, enough to turn the tide of every desperate battle against the Venusians.

A distress signal was sent out to the other worlds of the Sol System, but these calls for help were met with pleas of their own. The invaders had been planning this for centuries, building their armies, infiltrating every arm of opposition. Now an impregnable force barrier covered Venus. It shut out the stars and cast darkness over the planet. In the darkness, the enemy had already won.

Zala watched on the monitors as cities surrendered against this scourge. The enemy soldiers standing around the capital palace was too much to bear. She turned away from the monitor and scowled.

The Beloved and Immortal Queen sat on her throne, watching the video feed as her planet fell, one lost battle at a time. She was a tall, regal figure in a golden gown. Her scales glowed with a soft blue light, and her large green eyes betrayed no expression. She was the beauty, grace, and power of Venus, but it was all meaningless.

“Your Majesty,” said Zala, “I request permission again to take my battleguard to the front.”


“But Your Majesty, are we to sit here and wait for death? Surely, it is better to meet–”

The colorful plumage on the Queen’s head flattened. “Do you dare question my wisdom?”

The rest of Zala’s battleguard averted their gaze. The Queen stared Zala in the eye.

“Well, do you?”

Zala frowned, but said nothing.

“Venus has faced worse than this, and we shall carry onward, as we always do,” said the Queen.

“But this is different.” Zala pointed to the monitors. “This could very well be the end of us all, and we’re supposed to cower here–”

The Queen held up her hand. “Enough. You overstep yourself. I would think, given your past failures, you would accept your limitations. You will wait, and when the time comes, you will die for me and no other.”

Zala bowed. “Yes, My Queen.”

The Queen chuckled. “I think perhaps you’ve spent too much time with that Neptunon criminal you obsess over. It’s corrupted your thinking.”

Outside, an explosion shuddered against the bunker’s walls. Bits of dust fell from the ceiling.

Zala thought that perhaps the Queen was right. Emperor Mollusk was despicable, reckless, arrogant. He was also intelligent, insightful, and capable. She almost wished he were here right now. If there was anyone who could save her world, it was him, but he was doubtlessly too busy saving Terra from this unknown menace. If he hadn’t caused this in the first place. It was always possible.

The monitors flickered and a long, pale face appeared in all of them. He smiled. “It is done. Venus is ours.”

“And what of the other worlds?” asked the Queen.

“They will fall soon enough. Only Terra puts up noteworthy resistance, but even it cannot stand against us long.”

She grinned. “Excellent.”

Zala turned and drew her scimitar. “You’re one of them.”

The Queen laughed. “We all are, my dear Zala.”

Zala’s loyal battleguard all drew their weapons. She stood alone in a room full of enemies.

The bunker quaked.

“Really, Zala,” said the Queen, her face paling, her eyes darkening. She sprouted two long fangs as she smirked. “What do you hope to accomplish now?”

Zala held up her sword. She would meet her death with glory this day.

“Kill her,” commanded the Queen.

An orb crashed through the ceiling, crushing the monitoring equipment. Zala expected it to be another trap, but the infiltrators were just as surprised as her. The orb whirred and clicked and slid open. A giant ultrapede unfurled herself and clicked her mandibles at everything in the room.

“Snarg.” Zala grinned. “I should’ve known.”

With a shriek and a howl, Snarg set upon the battleguard, tearing them to pieces as they screamed.

Zala advanced upon the Queen, who drew a disintegrator pistol. A flash of Zala’s blade later, the Queen lost her weapon and her hand.

“It’s too late!” screamed the Queen. “You can’t stop us now! You’ll never stop us!”

“No, I won’t.” Zala grabbed the Queen by the gown. “But he will.”
She thought about killing the Queen herself, but that was an honor undeserved. Zala threw the Queen to Snarg, who finished her off with the rest of the battleguard in moments.

The orb projected a hologram of Emperor Mollusk’s familiar smirking face. It was, she noted, the first time she’d ever been happy to see that smirk.

“I trust you have a plan, Mollusk,” she said.

“Always,” he replied.

The war had just begun.

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  1. Jens Scheffler
    Posted August 28, 2015 at 7:32 pm | Permalink

    Emperor Mollusk was what got me originally hooked on your books. It would be great to have him face off against a worthy adversary 🙂

  2. Sacrificial_lamb
    Posted September 5, 2015 at 6:37 am | Permalink

    I would love to see more of this. Emperor Mollusk is prime for another interesting stories and this sounds like a good start.

  3. Marc G
    Posted September 7, 2015 at 11:19 pm | Permalink

    Soo good!

  4. Bob Hanon
    Posted October 14, 2015 at 10:05 pm | Permalink

    Wow, this sounds to be an excellent battle and the plot twist has begun the ride. Well done, well done.

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