The Devil (Dinosaur) and Ted Sallis

I like the Marvel superhero movies, some more than others.  Most are good enough, and a few are exceptional.  But what I love most about these films is their potential.

When The Avengers teased the appearance of Thanos, a literal space god obsessed with the personification of Death herself, I realized that all bets might be off, and with stranger characters like Ant-Man and The Guardians of the Galaxy in the works, the possibilities of what could happen in the future are tantalizing to a guy like me, who has a deep and abiding love for the weirder, more obscure characters occupying the corners of the shared Marvel universe.

Iron Man 3 has deliberate ties to Man-Thing continuity.  Man-Thing is strange horror comic character, a plant monster who lives in a swamp in Florida that is an interdimensional nexus.  The supersoldiers able to regenerate and burn with their touch are very intentional references to the Man-Thing.  The Man-Thing has already had one movie, but it was a terrible, grade C horror flick and one not worth talking about.  But now, there’s the possibility that Man-Thing might just get a movie one day.

Okay, so it’s not much of a possibility.  Still, better than nothing.  I never would’ve dreamed that Ant-Man or Rocket Raccoon would ever appear on film, much less a mainstream big budget flick.

Can Squirrel Girl be far behind?

Yeah, she’s far, far behind.  But there’s potential.  While I don’t know how much of the established universe the new TV series Agents of Shield will deal with, it wouldn’t be difficult to insert Squirrel Girl as a recurring character.  Please, do this, Marvel.  Please, please, please.  Really, I want this to happen so bad, I am almost willing to overlook the dreadful Civil War and Secret Invasion stories.

My ultimate wish for the Marvel movies is the eventual greenlight on a Devil Dinosaur movie.  This isn’t as far-fetched as it might seem.  If Pacific Rim manages to create a kaiju movie trend, then Devil would be the perfect Marvel crossover character.  Funnily enough, Devil Dinosaur was created specifically to step beyond the pages of a comic book.  The intention was to spin him out to his own animated series.  It never happened.

Devil has been lurking behind the scenes ever sense, a presence who pops out every so of often, kept alive by writers who like him.  While I don’t buy many comics these days (and none of the Marvel or DC stuff for two different reasons), I still buy anything where Devil Dinosaur appears on the cover.

But what I’d love even more than a Devil Dinosaur movie would be the chance to write it.  The odds of this are slight, but if this series of events comes to pass, perhaps I’ll be popular enough to get the call.  I am a prominent Devil Dinosaur fan.  I am a professional novelologist.  You could do a lot worse, Marvel.

Also, if anyone with any Marvel connections happens to be reading this, I wouldn’t mind at all writing a Devil Dinosaur mini-series.  Call me.  We’ll work something out.

On the slim chance none of this comes to pass, I always have The Pet Avengers to fall back on.  They might not have Devil on the team, but they do have a saber-toothed tiger and Throg (a frog version of Thor).  If that’s not a movie waiting to happen, I don’t know what is.

Keelah Se’lai

Fighting the good fight, Writing the good write,


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