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Hey, everybody.  As a struggling comic book fan, I find it more and more difficult to discover comics worth reading.  But there’s still stuff out there worth checking out, and more and more, it’s found in the All Ages rack of your local comic book store.

While most of Marvel’s mainstream offerings are dull and / or wretched, not everything produced by this comic book giant is terrible.  Some of it is both fun and impressive in both its storytelling technique and subtlety.  That’s right.  I’m saying it right here, for the record, that Marvel’s kid’s comics are far more interesting and nuanced than anything going on in their so-called more mature comics.

But today’s recommendation is mostly fun.  It’s a digest compilation of four issues od the Marvel Adventures anthology comic.  Each issue features a different hero and tells a complete story.  So in Marvel Adventures: Thor, we’re treated to four stories of five different Marvel Heroes.

First up, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man team-up to stop an omnipotent cosmic entity from devouring the very fabric of the universe.  What’s amazing here is the amount of quality writing crammed into this single story.  Characterization, adventure, humor, and otherworldly weirdness are handled with such a deft touch that this sets a high standard for the rest of these stories to come.  In particular, the portrayal of Doctor Strange and Spider-Man (and their interplay) is just a treat.

Next up, Ant-Man!  Yes, Ant-Man!  Who doesn’t like Ant-Man?  Well, maybe a lot of people don’t.  And who can blame them?  He’s kind of a dumb superhero.  He can talk to ants.  He can shrink.  Not exactly prime superhero material.  But here, once again, we find what exceptional writing can do.  The humor is spot on, and it really shines through, making Ant-Man a worthy character after all.

Then, Thor!  I have to say that of all these stories, Thor’s is probably the weakest.  It never quite clicked in the same way as all the others, but considering how awesome the other three are, that’s not much of a slight.

Finally, we have a Captain America story, and once again, the origin of a character is told in stellar fashion.  While it’s hard to retell an origin without seeming like something we’ve seen a million times before, this one manags to give an abridged backstory of cap, bring him into the present day, introduce his sidekick Rick Jones, and have the nefarious Hydra in a flying saucer.  And there’s even a short backup story here taking place before Cap wound up frozen.  Good stuff.

At only $10, this little digest is packed with comic book reading goodness.  Highly recommended for anyone looking for some worthy comic book action.

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  1. Posted July 7, 2009 at 11:29 pm | Permalink

    I’ve still yet to get into comics. I read a couple as a kid, but it never grabbed me. Now I feel the urge to read some but no interest in the main famous ones. One day I’ll grab an more obscure comic and find out if I like the medium or not…

  2. Gabe
    Posted July 9, 2009 at 7:19 pm | Permalink

    I never read comics as a kid (though I did give away my dad’s Death of Superman collection to gain friends), so I never got hooked to them. Nowadays, since I’m a bit more open to what I read, I look at most comics out there and just kind of chuckle at how hard they’re trying. It’s like they reeeaaaaly want to be gritty, maybe even have pulled it off once (by accident), so they keep trying and fail. I think one I looked started out with a girl gnawing her fingers off, and it just got darker from there. It was just gross, nothing gritty about it.

    I think maybe if they scraped all their universes and started with brand new characters, the industry might be able to start anew.

  3. A. Lee Martinez
    Posted July 11, 2009 at 12:29 am | Permalink

    I think the problem stems from a difficult mixing of genres. Superheroes are, for the most part, not meant to be dark or gritty. They are inherently ridiculous. They’re Anything Goes fantasy starring strange characters with unusual abilities in silly costumes.

    That’s not saying there aren’t good “dark” superhero stories, but these are the exception, not the rule. The very rare exception too.

    I don’t know if they need to scap the established characters, although I can’t say I’m against that. One of the big problems comic books are suffering from is a genuine lack of fresh characters. Most of the mainstays of superhero comics have been around for decades. It’s hard to keep a character interesting and relevant after 50 plus years. But I also believe that there is no reason Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, and their ilk can’t still tell amazing and culturally appealing stories. Just check out much of the modern DC animated versions of Batman and the Justice League. Hell, Batman: Brave and the Bold is just plain awesome, and it’s even intentionally retro. But that’s its charm. It’s not afraid to embrace the absurdity of the superhero genre.

    And, yeah, I know that comic books and superheroes are not the same thing and that there are many fine non-superhero comic books out there. But these rarely appeal to me, and, let’s be honest, at this stage, they’re even less relevant than the mostly irrelevant superhero genre.

  4. alanna7
    Posted July 12, 2009 at 6:53 pm | Permalink

    You should check out the The Umbrella Academy series. I just checked out your website after reading one of your books (it was great) and after reading some of your blogs I fell we might have similiar taste. But I could be wrong

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