Comics, Terrorizing Dogs, & Immortality

Busy, busy, busy.  Still thought I should make some time to drop by and confirm that I’m still a part of the space/time continuum.  Hey, how’s it going?  Hope you’re doing good.

What’s on my mind?  I don’t know.  Why don’t I just go ahead and throw a few things against the wall and see what sticks?

Bought a couple of comics today, both good.  After years of successful video games, Ratchet & Clank finally have a limited series.  The first issue is fairly standard stuff, but it captures the humor and offbeat nature of the game series, and I’m a huge fan of the games because A) they’re pure action fun and B) they feature a universe that hasn’t got a single human in it.  Also, the dynamic between our heroes is spot on, and the art is exceptional.  Recommended.

The second (entirely different) comic is Billy the Kid’s Old Timey Oddities and the Ghastly Fiend of London.  It’s the second miniseries featuring a retired Billy the Kid and a traveling freak show and their action/horror adventures.  While Ratchet & Clank is fun, all-ages stuff, Billy the Kid is a more horrific comic.  I like the characters, in particular the rough-around-the-edges portrayal of Billy himself.  He’s a jerk.  No doubt about it.  When confronted with this story’s version of The Elephant Man, Billy is rude and obnoxious.  It could make him come across as unlikable, but Billy is without guile, something I find refreshing.  The story centered around Jack the Ripper could be cliched, but there’s enough originality to keep me interested.  Good stuff.

So what else?

That crazy church that wants to burn the Koran is saying they won’t do it if the Muslims agree not to build their community center near the WTC attack.  That’s just bizarre.  And isn’t that sort of terrorism?  Sure, it’s not really terrorizing because they’re just threatening to burn books.  That’s distasteful, but it’s not really the big deal the media seems to want to make of it.  But it is a sort of threat, a sort of retaliation.  It’s like calling the electric company and telling them you’ll shoot a dog if they don’t give you free electricty.  Except that shooting the dog would get you in trouble, so instead you decide to do something obnoxious but legal.  You’ll hit a dog with a rolled up newspaper!  That’ll teach ’em!

Meh.  It’s not really terrorism, unless you have a really, really wimpy definition of that concept.  And if you disagree with me, I won’t pet my cat for one whole day!  Can you live with that?

So in a couple of weeks I’ll be at Fencon.  It’s always a great convention.  It was my first con, and as long as they’ll have me, I’ll be there.  I’m scheduled heavily on Friday, have a few things on Sat and Sun.  But I’ll be there.  If you’re there, you can talk to me.  That’s what I’m there for.  So make my day.  Say hello.  Who knows?  We might even hit it off, become super best friends, and I could give you the secret of immortality.

Okay.  Probably not.  Especially since I don’t have the secret of immortality.  I only borrow the serum from The Mole People.

Fighting the good fight, Writing the good write,


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