Coffee and Jealousy (short fiction)

As he looked at the remnants of the cellphone on the floor, he realizes the squishing noise behind the counter had started again.

The thing behind the counter that had once been his favorite coffee barista gurgled at him. They’d always had this chemistry, and while it was a harmless fantasy, he still liked to flirt now and then. It was just something people did. It was nice to know you were still attractive and that, optimistically, you had options.

The thing that had once been Jenny, though he supposed it still was Jenny, set his soy latte on the counter and croaked. She had never been exceptionally pretty, but cute and cool. Now her face was a giant green mask of slime and warts.

“Here’s your coffee, handsome” she croaked. Then she smiled, drool dripping from her lips, and winked one yellow eye.

“Yes. Thanks.”

He picked up the remains of his cellphone. Even though it was broken in two, it rang. He almost didn’t answer it, but that would only make things worse.

“How’s Jenny?” asked Aphrodite.

His mother had been right.

Never marry a goddess.

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