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TERRAN VALENTINE (short fiction)

Cindy & Cragg   Cragg handed Cindy a box of chocolates and a rose. “Is this acceptable?” he asked. She sniffed the flower. “Sure.” “Ease up on the romance, big guy,” said Laura. “You’ll spoil her.” Cragg had trouble with sarcasm, but Laura had given him enough exposure to have a loose grasp on the […]
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Hot Water (short fiction)

Champion & Professor Fido The water heater was acting up again. Todd yelped at the sudden blast of cold. He jumped out of the shower, threw on a robe, still wet. Lingering traces of shampoo dripped down his nose. He turned the knobs, put his hand under the shower head. The water only got colder. […]
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Modern Style with Death Goddess (short fiction)

Divine Misfortune The towering goddess with the head of a crocodile, the upper body of a lion, and the lower body of a hippo, sat in the backyard. Ray the realtor had the gall to act as if he couldn’t see either the goddess or the sizable hole in the ground she sat beside.   […]
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Nuclear Family (short fiction)

Super Janine It’d been years since I’d last seen Margaret. In that time, she’d moved onto a new containment suit. This one covered her head to toe in silver and gold. There was a small visor for her eyes, but not an inch of exposed radioactive skin. She wore a red sundress over the suit […]
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