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Dayfall at the Edge of Breakfast (short fiction)

DAYFALL AT THE EDGE OF BREAKFAST   Super Janine   Sometimes, you wake up and realize you’ve made a horrible mistake, and the only thing you can do is roll over and put off dealing with it for a few hours more. I glanced over at where Robert would be sleeping, but he wasn’t there […]
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The Long Halloween of Horace Slater (short fiction)

Life in Rockwood Rockwood spread across the desert, and aside from the trailer park and a few clusters of houses here and there, it was a long walk from door-to-door on Halloween. Some parents drove their kids around, but it was a lot of work for not much candy. Especially since the next town over […]
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Chosen (short fiction)

Wren & Hess   Wren got the kid. He was young, fresh off the farm. He hadn’t been in the city long. She could always tell because the grime hadn’t caked its way under his nails yet. It didn’t take long for that to happen. Maybe a couple of weeks if you lived in the […]
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Patter (short fiction)

“What do you do for a living?” she asked.   “I write patter,” I replied with a wink.   “Patter?”   “Yeah, patter. Like in the stories. Some guy needs to say something obvious, something that moves the story along. But in a way that makes people pay attention. Maybe they’ll even remember. Something they […]
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