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B Movie Mentality

I’m going to talk about storytelling, and it is going to be critical of the current nature of storytelling.  Specifically, it’ll be about film, but first, a few disclaimers: These are not universal conclusions.  There are exceptions to every rule, and for every example I’m about to give, I’m sure many people will disagree.  That’s […]
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First Impressions and Second Reflections

Once most people make up their mind, they’re unlikely to change it.  That’s a strange thing when you think about it.  When we’re children, we have a skewed and unrealistic view of the universe, and if you kept that as you grew older, you’d be very weird.  You’d be the kind of adult who still […]
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Maleficent (movie review)

Maleficent is an adequate film.  It doesn’t do anything terribly wrong, but it doesn’t really bring anything new to the table.  It’s inoffensive, and I suppose, taken as a chance to give depth to a villain, it works okay.  But it only does so by transferring her villainy to another character and then imposing on […]
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Days of Future Past (movie review)

X-Men: Days of Future Past is a good movie.  Not a great movie.  Not an astounding movie.  Not even all that great as a superhero film, but it has its moments.  It hits its stride more often than not, and what few flaws it have are small and easy to ignore.  Strictly speaking, there’s no […]
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