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The Interview (a serious review of a very silly movie)

The Interview is a very silly movie that somehow became controversial when, through a series of increasingly bizarre decisions by the people in charge of such things, it went from a Christmas day release to a limited release, hard-to-find film. Let’s be clear about this. None of this was warranted. The Interview is not, nor […]
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The Book of Life (movie review)

The Book of Life is a good movie and one that I recommend.  Before I get into a more in-depth exploration of my thoughts on the movie, take that away from the top.  The movie has some problems, but they aren’t insurmountable and only distracting in retrospect.  We’ll start with the negatives first. This is […]
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The Dangerous Inner Lives of Superheroes

So the new Age of Ultron trailer is out, and it looks like standard stuff at this point.  Being the middle part of a planned trilogy, it has elected (unsurprisingly) for The Empire Strikes Back route, going darker, more serious, and, yes, even a bit pretentious.  I know I’m in a pretty small minority when […]
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Infinite Possibilities (culture)

So there’s a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot coming out this weekend, and I’m perfectly fine with that.  Do I think it will be good?  Nope.  Do I find it frustrating that we’ve become so devoted to nostalgia that this is the best we can usually hope for at this stage?  Yep.  Do I […]
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