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Mr. Peabody & Sherman (a movie review)

Mr. Peabody & Sherman was probably one of those properties that was least requiring any kind of full-length movie adaptation.  The original Peabody’s Improbably Histories (featured on The Bullwinkle Show) was, intentionally, a slight confection.  Fractured Fairy Tales versions of history.  Classics, for certain, but it’s difficult to imagine anyone building them into something else.  […]
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Obscurity Power

While DC struggles to bring ANYBODY BUT BATMAN to movie screens, Marvel has just released the first trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy, a sci fi superhero film about (obviously) superheroes in space.  A lot of fans, myself included, are flummoxed that DC vast stable of characters are trapped in some vague limbo while Marvel’s […]
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Frozen is Fantastic

Saw Frozen this weekend.  You should see it too.  But maybe you’re hesitant for any number of reasons.  You might have been hit by the well-meaning, often unfairly marginalized feminist objections to the film’s changes to the original tale.  The advertising campaign might have convinced you it’s just a slight little musical fantasy film aimed […]
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A Thousand-and-One Space Wizards

Just in case you haven’t heard it yet, I’ve been working on a collection of short stories based on my previous novels titled Robots versus Slime Monsters.  My original goal for publication was the end of October, but obviously that hasn’t come to pass.  I’m finishing up the ninth story now (based on Too Many […]
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