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Deadpool: The Review

Deapool is a legitimately great movie. And I don’t mean “Great for what it is”, though what the heck does that even mean? Things should be judged for what they are. And I don’t mean “Great Brain Candy”, a phrase I hate. I really, really, really hate it. Seriously, if you say that, stop saying […]
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Certified Organic

The thing about the most popular shared universes is they often happen by accident. Nowhere is that more true than in the shared continuity of the Marvel and DC superhero universes.   It all started out simple enough, with each company putting out superhero comics with a range of characters. People got the bright idea […]
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Luke Skywalker is a Rotten Jerk (writing)

2016 is here, and my Not-Quite-Resolution is to be a more consistent web presence. So Mondays I’ll devote to posts about storytelling, writing, and general thoughts about the job I do. If you’re not aware of it because, say, you’ve spent the last two years buried in a pit and only now dragged yourself into […]
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The Coming Star Wars Wars

Often in life, I’m reminded of the different positions people occupy, and how it is most evident in the way they view things. As the observation goes: “Men’s number one fear of women is that women will embarrass them. Women’s number one fear is that men will kill them.” This is very true. I’ve rarely […]
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