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Just Playing

Playing is severely underrated.  The therapeutic effects of just playing, no pressure, no requirements, are so important that I don’t know if anyone would really argue with that.  That’s why I find it so frustrating at how little playing we’re allowed to do. True, we have plenty of games we can play.  Video games, both […]
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The Capitals (A Board Game Review)

Time for another board game review, Action Force. Today’s game is The Capitals from Mercury Games (  Mercury Games is a company I don’t know much about, but they produced the very cool Infamy, a board game about becoming the criminal overlord of a space colony.  That’s fun too, and I’ll get around to reviewing […]
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Devastation of the Indines (a board game review)

While my professional career has been a little rocky lately, Action Force, my recent tabletop game purchases have been exceptional.  I own a lot of games.  Over 150 last time I checked.  Some might think that’s too many, and they would probably be right.  Then along comes this recent string of games that are all […]
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Mage Wars (a board game review)

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed any tabletop games.  Just in case you weren’t aware of it, Action Force, I am a big fan of tabletop board and card games.  I was writing reviews before it became a “thing”, and before Will Wheaton started doing it, I sometimes imagined I was the most famous […]
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