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Easy Road to Conflict

I try very hard not to be the guy telling anyone they’re doing it wrong.  Who am I to determine what works and what doesn’t?  I’m just one writer, and not a very successful one at that.  I get by, and I’ve written enough that I feel comfortable sharing my opinions on writing.  But it’s […]
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Obscurity Power

While DC struggles to bring ANYBODY BUT BATMAN to movie screens, Marvel has just released the first trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy, a sci fi superhero film about (obviously) superheroes in space.  A lot of fans, myself included, are flummoxed that DC vast stable of characters are trapped in some vague limbo while Marvel’s […]
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Mailbag: Art versus Artist, Comic Book Recommendations, Underdog vs. Lassie

Got some questions in the Action Force Mailbag today.   @MGenuineBaker asks: Do you ever like or dislike a book/movie based on its creator? Should we try to separate the art from the artist? That’s a doozy of a question, isn’t it?  And not one that’s always easy to answer. Ideally, I would love to […]
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Mailbag: Snark and Cynicism

Another reach into the ol’ Action Force Mailbag today.  Reach me on Twitter (@aleemartinez), Facebook (A. Lee Martinez), or e-mail (, if you’d like me to possibly answer or comment on one of your questions.  Or even if you just want to drop a line and say hello.  Believe it or not, I don’t get […]
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