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B Movie Mentality

I’m going to talk about storytelling, and it is going to be critical of the current nature of storytelling.  Specifically, it’ll be about film, but first, a few disclaimers: These are not universal conclusions.  There are exceptions to every rule, and for every example I’m about to give, I’m sure many people will disagree.  That’s […]
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The Many Flavors of Brain Candy

Every artist (or most, I hope) struggles with the question of whether artistic success is the same as artistic merit.  The easy answer is that they aren’t the same thing, and I think we all agree on that more or less.  We all have obscure artistic failures that we love and mainstream creations we hate.  […]
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The Soft Prejudice of Genre

Labels don’t always mean what they think we mean.  In the world of fiction, there are a plenty of labels to go around.  Most of those labels serve only to divide and prejudice the audience, and it’s time we stopped looking at them as some indicator of innate quality.  Labels work best when they are […]
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New Publisher, Simon & Schuster

Greetings, Action Force. As you may or may not have heard, I’ve recently signed a three book deal with Simon & Schuster.  This could be big news.  I am, as always, cautiously optimistic, but the move to a new publisher might be just what I need to reach a new audience.  Here are some more […]
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