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Pixels (movie review)

Is this the only unbiased Pixels review you’ll read? Maybe. So pay attention. Pixels isn’t a great movie, but it is a good one. It takes a silly concept and runs with it, and ends up an enjoyable diversion. The characters are simple. The plot predictable. The creativity is above average and the integration of […]
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Text and Subtext (writing)

So I’ll watch a lot of bad movies (particularly successful ones) in hopes of understanding what makes them work. It’s easy to dismiss weak stories, but I believe there is something to be learned from them. The latest bad movie I watched was The Single Moms Club. Or should that be Tyler Perry’s The Single […]
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Comic-Con Correction (update)

I am at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend. One correction: My Q & A session will be from 12 to 1 on Sat, Room 28DE. hope to see you there. Permanent link to this post (31 words, estimated 7 secs reading time)
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San Diego, Here I Come (update)

With San Diego Comic-Con just around the corner and a new book deadline approaching, I’m just popping in to say you probably won’t see me posting quite so much in the near future. But I’m still here. Going to SDCC as an invited guest is a terrific opportunity, but I’ll admit I’m also cynically not […]
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