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The Muppets

I find people’s reaction to the new Muppet show to be more interesting than the show itself. (Though I did like the show.) There’s something fascinating about seeing the multiple and varying interpretations these characters can create. Perhaps because the Muppets have been around so long and have such a special place in many people’s […]
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20 Minutes into the Future

I don’t think people like shows set in the Near Future. I don’t know why, but they almost never make it. If I were to hazard a guess, I’d say it has something to do with the setting being both too unfamiliar and too familiar at the same time. Even if the setting is basically […]
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Two Appearances

A quick update on two local appearances in the DFW area. I’ll be at the Euless Public Library this Thursday evening, along with several other fabulous writers. And this weekend I will also be at Fencon, a local con. It was my first con ever, and one I heartily recommend. Permanent link to this post […]
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Plug-In Humor (writing)

The comedian Paul F. Tompkins talked about “Joke Stealing” once. It’s an occasional accusation among professional comedians. “Hey, you stole my joke.” His commentary boiled down to two thoughts: First, your average person will never care about Joke Stealing, even in a professional capacity because for most people, humor is entirely joke stealing. Someone hears […]
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