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Dawn of Justice: Downer Disco Party (commentary)

The new Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice: I Can’t Believe They Went with that Title trailer has been “leaked”. And, boy, is it a stinker. After the Adventure in Grimdark that was Man of Steel, I was hoping for a course correction at this point. It’s common for sequels to address (and even over […]
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No Apologies (commentary)

So Ant-Man is obviously going to play around with the idea of someone becoming a superhero named “Ant-Man”, and I like that it has no problem acknowledging the weirdness of the shrinking superhero while also still being determined to be a superhero flick. Tongue-in-cheek is hard to do. In the most recent Lone Ranger, there’s […]
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Deathless (writing)

The dilemma all continuing universes / ongoing series must face is how to keep the drama when death is no longer an option. This is a dilemma that comic book superheroes have faced for decades, and which is even now, complicating things as they continue their dominance on the big screen. The math here is […]
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The Rise and Fall of Almost Everything (commentary)

I grew up reading comic books. Mostly superhero comics books. Yes, there’s a distinction. Superheroes are a genre. Comic books are a medium. The average person doesn’t care about that, but it’s actually important. One of the reasons I find the Best Animated Feature Oscar to be so silly is that you might as well […]
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