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Q & A

Time to answer some writer-related questions because you have questions and I have answers. Usually. @Ronsparks on Twitter asks: When writing a novel do you plan the entire novel, scene-by-scene, before you write? There’s this common wisdom that fiction writers come in two varieties: Plotters (those who plan everything out in advance) and Pantsers (those […]
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Kong, King of the Apes

I know it’s been a while, Action Force. I’ve been busy, and it’s not as if this site gets a ton of traffic. Still, I know for some of you, my wit and wisdom is a highlight of your day (or so I assume), so I’m back. By the way, this weekend I’ll be at […]
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There’s a practical reason, from a storytelling perspective, why neither Batman nor Superman kill people.   What’s important here is that this is not a REALISTIC reason. Realistically, Batman and Superman would probably have to kill people if they were going to fight crime. It’s just going to happen now and then, even if they […]
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Your P.O.V. is Bad, and You Should Feel Bad

When one first embarks on a career as a professional novelologist, there’s plenty of advice to wade through. Most of it’s basic stuff and worth listening to, but even when barely starting out, a writer must consider what so many of these ideas really mean. One of the most oft-repeated is the DREADED P.O.V.! If […]
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