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(Un)Real (writing)

Time for another installment of my sporadic yet insightful posts on writing and storytelling. In the past, I’ve commented on the dangers of “Realism” in fiction. Especially that brand of negative grimdark that so many people, both artists and audience, equate with realism. It seems that realism will be used to justify all kinds of […]
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Luke Skywalker is a Rotten Jerk (writing)

2016 is here, and my Not-Quite-Resolution is to be a more consistent web presence. So Mondays I’ll devote to posts about storytelling, writing, and general thoughts about the job I do. If you’re not aware of it because, say, you’ve spent the last two years buried in a pit and only now dragged yourself into […]
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Spoiler Alert (commentary)

The truth is that spoilers aren’t really that difficult to figure out IF the story makes sense. There are basic, recurring tropes that happen in stories that make sense, and you really only need the most basic elements of the story to predict most of them. It was like The Sixth Sense. The Spoiler is […]
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I’ve been thinking a lot about Supergirl lately, both the TV show and the character in general. One of the criticisms that bugs me about Supergirl is that she is a “masculine” ideal because she’s strong, invulnerable, and beats up bad guys. It bugs me because it assumes that superheroes (who generally kick butt as […]
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