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Results May Vary (writing)

Another post inspired by 50 Shades of Grey? Sort of, but before you tune out, let me just say this isn’t really about that at all. Just a jumping off point. Still reading? Cool. So 50 Shades is being sold as a romance with BDSM elements that make it unique, and I can see that. […]
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Monsters from the Id (writing)

My reservations about 50 Shades of Grey aside, I think it’s far too easy to dismiss something this popular and (let’s face it) absurd.  As a writer myself, I marvel at the substandard writing within the book and at a story that (at best) is little more than a kinky romance or (at worst) an […]
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50 Shades of Conventional Gender Roles (commentary)

I’m not here to judge anyone’s lifestyle choice. Well, not most anyone. But there is something profoundly creepy about the version of romance portrayed by 50 Shades of Gray. I’m not talking about the notion of BDSM. I’m just talking about the idea that romance is a thing to be forced upon us, that a […]
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Colorblind Casting (writing)

We need to acknowledge that race matters, and that it matters a lot. As wonderful as the notion of being “Colorblind” is, it accidentally (and sometimes even intentionally) minimizes the experiences people might have that are unique to them. As much as some people might like to believe otherwise, your skin color, ethnic perceptions, and […]
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