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I’ve been thinking a lot about Supergirl lately, both the TV show and the character in general. One of the criticisms that bugs me about Supergirl is that she is a “masculine” ideal because she’s strong, invulnerable, and beats up bad guys. It bugs me because it assumes that superheroes (who generally kick butt as […]
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The Coming Star Wars Wars

Often in life, I’m reminded of the different positions people occupy, and how it is most evident in the way they view things. As the observation goes: “Men’s number one fear of women is that women will embarrass them. Women’s number one fear is that men will kill them.” This is very true. I’ve rarely […]
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Sympathy for Beni

If you read only one essay devoted to a supporting character from 1999’s The Mummy this week, be sure it’s this one. Yes, I’m often walking down the street, as I am wont to do, and random strangers will come up to me and ask, “Is there any character from modern fiction that reflects our […]
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The Muppets

I find people’s reaction to the new Muppet show to be more interesting than the show itself. (Though I did like the show.) There’s something fascinating about seeing the multiple and varying interpretations these characters can create. Perhaps because the Muppets have been around so long and have such a special place in many people’s […]
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