The Book of Luke

I believe that there is probably some productive discussion to be had around The Last Jedi and Star Wars in general, but like religion, it’s mostly a clash of ideology and expectation that is too wide to be crossed easily.
It doesn’t help that Star Wars still isn’t properly a cinematic universe, but a single storyline. Even Rogue One is merely a sub chapter of the same story: One devoted to answering a question nerds loved making a joke about.
When I think about James Bond or Godzilla, I see them not as a single long story or even a single character, but as multiple interpretations of the same character. We might debate which of those interpretations we like best, but there’s an acknowledgement that none of them are “canon”, changing the nature of the discussion.
But there is only one Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, etc. And everyone has their own interpretation and expectations of those characters and what they want from them. Half the discussion I’ve heard and participated in has revolved around what people want from Star Wars, not necessarily the latest films as stories in themselves.
Which is fine. It’s inevitable, in fact. But like any long-running pop culture phenomenon, schisms will form. And there’s not much to be done about it.
The MCU is immune to this for a couple of reasons. It’s only existed a decade, and it’s multiple independent stories with some loose continuity in the background. People might have a range of feelings about Ant-Man, but his movie is not going to alter your feelings about the entire MCU. I found Ragnarok to be adequate at best, but it doesn’t diminish my hopes that Infinity War will be good because, even though I dislike the changes to Thor and his continuity, he’s only a small part of the entire story, featuring dozens of characters.
Star Wars as story is almost entirely irrelevant to me because story is almost entirely irrelevant to Star Wars. More so, I think than any other movie series. Yes, even Star Trek, while featuring recurring characters, is a series of adventures, not just one long adventure and with the reboot, we even created an alternate continuity which is there to put the kibosh on certain arguments.
You feel Star Wars. Or you don’t. And while that allows legitimate enjoyment and legitimate dislike, it’s really, really hard to debate feelings.
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