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Luna of Throx (short fiction)

Luna Gutierrez was in the middle of a meeting when time stopped. Everyone else in the room sat frozen. Henderson’s coffee mug teetered on the edge of the table, about to be knocked off by his careless elbow. Rogers was leaning back in his chair, teetering dangerously close to falling over. And all Chow’s folders […]
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The Wrathful Earth (short fiction)

Jensen and Martin studied the bubble pushing out in the cracked concrete. They’d had time to evacuate the area and prepare. It was usually like that in urban areas, where a random citizen was likely to stumble across a pod while it was incubating. The countryside was where the big things grew. You didn’t get […]
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Wasteland (short fiction)

She wasn’t useful anymore, so they dumped her in the wastelands with a handful of supplies. The pilot pointed to the East. “Ten days walk, if you’re steady enough. Five days of food. There’s a watering hole three days walk, if you’re steady enough.” He boarded his hovercraft and blasted across the desert, leaving her […]
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Another Round (short fiction)

The dead man walked into the bar. Where he’d come from, I couldn’t say. There was always a fresh corpse to be found, usually from the hospital just down the street. Or the cemetery not far from there. Or the retirement home. People died all the time, and if you were looking for a body […]
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