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One of These Doomsdays, Chapter Three

The next day, the robots were back, and they appeared to have frightened off the zombies. The day after that, the zombies returned. And so it went, alternating between robots and the walking dead, separated by the days, refusing to mingle. He’d mastered his robot survival technique a while ago, so those days were easy. […]
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Citizen Drat (short fiction)

Empire City Drats were something terrible. Small, deformed rats with wings, gills, and a venomous bite. The mutant rodents hadn’t even had the courtesy to replace the rat population because drats mostly ate inedible garbage and drank toxic waste. They were a nuisance that no one had been able to get rid. Now Brenda was […]
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Thin Line (short fiction)

Empire City The corpse of the cyborg gigantobear lay wrapped in the dozen tentacles of the equally terrible, equally dead tyranosquid. Technicians had worked for an hour to separate the two monsters of science gone wrong before calling it quits. Now they struggled to load the two abominations into a transport for proper disposal. This […]
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Waking Up Green (short fiction)

Empire City Cathy woke up with fur. Long and shaggy. Fluffy and green. She couldn’t even see until she went into the bathroom and trimmed the hair falling over her eyes. “Well, damn it.” Bill took the transformation a lot better than her. “Maybe it’ll fall out in a day or two. I’ve heard it’ll […]
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