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Q & A

Time to answer some writer-related questions because you have questions and I have answers. Usually. @Ronsparks on Twitter asks: When writing a novel do you plan the entire novel, scene-by-scene, before you write? There’s this common wisdom that fiction writers come in two varieties: Plotters (those who plan everything out in advance) and Pantsers (those […]
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Kong, King of the Apes

I know it’s been a while, Action Force. I’ve been busy, and it’s not as if this site gets a ton of traffic. Still, I know for some of you, my wit and wisdom is a highlight of your day (or so I assume), so I’m back. By the way, this weekend I’ll be at […]
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There’s a practical reason, from a storytelling perspective, why neither Batman nor Superman kill people.   What’s important here is that this is not a REALISTIC reason. Realistically, Batman and Superman would probably have to kill people if they were going to fight crime. It’s just going to happen now and then, even if they […]
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The Plan (short fiction)

So far, everything had gone as Hilda planned.   She drove out to the woods, to an out of the way place that nobody ever went, where she’d already dug the hole. It was dusk, but she turned off her headlights. Better safe than sorry. She zipped up her jacket and put on her gloves. […]
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