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Modern Style with Death Goddess (short fiction)

Divine Misfortune The towering goddess with the head of a crocodile, the upper body of a lion, and the lower body of a hippo, sat in the backyard. Ray the realtor had the gall to act as if he couldn’t see either the goddess or the sizable hole in the ground she sat beside.   […]
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It’s weird to write “adventure fiction” that really isn’t about adventure itself. The entire premise of the Constance Verity series is the struggles Connie has with balancing her adventuring obligations and her desires for an ordinary life.   So it’s strange, though not surprising, to hear people complain that they never thought Connie was in […]
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Star Trek Hits 50

So Star Trek hits 50, and while I will never deny its influence on our culture, I have to wonder if maybe it’s time to give the entire Star Trek universe a break? I’ve said it before, and usually, it’s met with a great wave of disagreement from the fans. I’m not dismissing their love […]
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Whitewashing (the frustrating conversation)

“There are some issues with casting Tilda Swinson as The Ancient One.” “Hey, hey, man, calm down!” “Who is upset? I’m just pointing out that there’s a troublesome history of whitewashing ethnic characters in film.” “Why are you judging this movie before you’ve even seen it?” “I’m not. Let’s get past that. Let’s talk about […]
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