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Storybringer (short fiction)

It was my job to carry the stories from town to town. In each village, the people would gather at my approach. It was an event. Not quite a festival or a feast, but something to look forward to. A young man or woman would run up to me and take my traveling bag and […]
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Chasing Monsters (short fiction)

Helen and Troy’s Epic Road Quest   Nigel Skullgnasher led the way, slicing through the jungle overgrowth with his enchanted ax. “How much farther?” Peggy Truthstalker said, “Don’t know. But it’s this way.” Nigel wiped the sweat from his face. They’d been tramping through this jungle for days. He was hot, hungry, and impatient. “This […]
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Among the Gods (short fiction)

Helen and Troy’s Epic Road Quest During winter break, Troy Kawakami discovered he had a nemesis. He was surprised as anyone. “Don’t I know you?” Troy asked of the broad-shouldered man standing on the porch. “It’s Smith, right?” “Perhaps.” “Yes, you fought the cyclops,” said Troy. “I don’t usually forget a face. Glad to see […]
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Deathless (writing)

The dilemma all continuing universes / ongoing series must face is how to keep the drama when death is no longer an option. This is a dilemma that comic book superheroes have faced for decades, and which is even now, complicating things as they continue their dominance on the big screen. The math here is […]
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