An Obnoxious Rant

And we’re back…again.  Hopefully for good.  My buddy and esteemed webmaster, Adam, was having some trouble with his new carrier or server or whatever the hell they call it.  Don’t ask me.  I’m just the guy who makes stuff up for a living.  Anyway, I generally avoid science fiction, so why don’t we say that the magical ether faeries that make the internet work have been fired and replaced and everything is good again.

This post is just a test.  Nothing really important to say right now.  As if I have anything important to say most of the time.

Truthfully, this blogging takes time.  And it can be a distraction from my real job.  I do it because I’m supposed to, and because I know you all live for these nuggets of wisdom I offer.  But I gotta earn a living so you’ll excuse me if I cut back a little in the near future.  At least until I feel like my newest manuscript is back on track.

So The FInal Destination came out and was #1 at the box office.  I could say something about how depressing I find this.  Not because The Final Destination is necessarily a bad movie, but because there’s nothing new to be done with the final destination franchise.  And the trailers gave away all the deaths, so what’s the point in going to see it other than that’s what we do.  We go see things that are familiar and reliable and give us exactly what we want.

At this point, I’ll say something like “And there’s nothing really wrong with that”, but no, not this time.  This time, I’m just going to call it like I see it.

It think it sucks.

A while ago, I posted a blog about my own struggles with artistic integrity and financial success.  It was long and thoughtful and I think it did a good job of questioning whether I’m willing to “sell out” or if I even think “selling out” is a bad thing.  The internet faeries ate it.  I don’t know what that says, but I do know that I’m getting pretty tired of this balancing act.

When did we stop caring about being challenged, even in the most rudimentary fashion?  When did we decide that we needed 3 versions of Law and Order, 3 versions of CSI, 2 versions of NCIS, 4 Final Destination films, a direct-to-video sequel for any moderately successful movie (Van Wilder 3?  Really?), and Broadway musicals based on books based on films based on books?

It’s no wonder people are surprised I don’t write sequels yet.  Apparently, that’s the only goal of our society, to just wander around on automatic pilot and take what we’re given, not expecting anything but safety and repetition.  That thing I said about zombies a few posts ago?  Take that and apply it to 95 percent of everything around us.

95 percent of everything has always been crap.  I admit this.  But at least it was trying to be original crap.  At least it wasn’t just a rehash of something already done-to-death.  Or at least it tried to hide it.  Now, instead of being embarrassed to be the same old thing over and over again, it’s deliberately designed as such.

And that sucks.  Yeah, I’m repeating myself.  I don’t know what else to say.

I have a reputation for being contrary, for having unusual opinions.  But I can’t be the only one who sees this and finds it tremendously disappointing.  Disappointing in a soul-crushing kind of way.

Well, that’s that, I guess.  Kind of an obnoxious rant for my last post for a while.  Try not to hold it against me.

Fighting the good fight, Writing the good write,


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