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The Day the Line Stood Still

Super Janine The government didn’t approve of superheroes. Most superheroes, aside from the occasional sentient robot or alien visitor, were only human. Nobody with any sense would be excited about giving the Average Joe the power to shoot lasers from his eyes or teleport across the universe. Given their druthers, the government would’ve probably depowered […]
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(Un)Real (writing)

Time for another installment of my sporadic yet insightful posts on writing and storytelling. In the past, I’ve commented on the dangers of “Realism” in fiction. Especially that brand of negative grimdark that so many people, both artists and audience, equate with realism. It seems that realism will be used to justify all kinds of […]
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Sacrifices (short fiction)

In celebration of A. LEE MARTINEZ APPRECIATION WEEK!!, a new Life in Rockwood short:     There were secrets in Rockwood, and nobody knew them all.   Mayor Ortega knew only one, but it was the worst one. It came with the job, and he would’ve never run for office if he’d known in advance. […]
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As part of my regularly scheduled posting, Friday is Stuff I’ve Written Day. It’ll be a chance to post something I’m working, something I’ve written a while ago, something I’m thinking about writing, something I just scribbled out on a quiet day. Writing is a strange process, so some of these pieces might be complete […]
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