Monthly Archives: November 2015

The Care and Feeding of Invisible Monsters (short fiction)

Life in Rockwood The monster had come with the house. It lived in a small room in the back barely big enough to hold a few linens. That was one of the things that bugged Mom. The house was always short of storage space, and the monster didn’t help. It ate any towels or sheets […]
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Career Day (short fiction)

Super Janine   It wasn’t a smart move to bring Dementra, Warrior Queen of Galadron, along for Career Day. Her outfit, a chainmail swimsuit right out of a sword-and-planet cliché, must have violated every dress code rule in the place. As if being a statuesque space amazon wasn’t enough of a distraction. At least it […]
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The City of Graves (short fiction)

Ernie the Hero There were whispers of a city the undead called home. They weren’t entirely true. It was more of a hamlet. The City of Graves lurked in the mists beyond the horizons, and the only way to find it was to be not-quite-dead yourself. Or, in Simon’s case, to have a not-quite-dead guide. […]
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The Stacks (short fiction)

They found the Machine on a long dead world. Where once it might have contained a powerful civilization, the only traces left were a few ruins here and there. Cities were nothing but indentations in the dust. Great monoliths of steel and glass were all gone. Everything was gone.   Everything but the Machine.   […]
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