Monthly Archives: April 2015

Linda and Brynn Save and / or Destroy the Universe (short fiction)

The Martians probably weren’t from Mars, but they might as well have been. They were short and green, wearing bright red spacesuits complete with glass domes covering their extra large heads. “Pardon us,” said the shortest of the very short aliens. “Could we borrow a cup of gadolinite?” “Sorry. Fresh out,” said Linda. “We might […]
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Exchange (short fiction)

Demon with 10,000 Fists   Most Players were assholes. That was just the truth. Maybe it was the Game that made them that way or maybe it was the nature of being a Player, of having a talent beyond obsession. Maybe it was the Mojo. Once you understood how little anything else mattered, it was […]
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Bethany and the Drowned Woman (short fiction)

Too Many Curses   In a castle filled with curses, the Drowned Woman lurked in the deep end of a spa pool, waiting for something, anything, to stray too close to her grasp. She’d been waiting a long time. Once, a rat had fallen into the water and had been unable to escape. It had […]
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On the Mantle (short fiction)

Wren and Hess   Archibald Ghastly hadn’t been a lich long. Most of his pale flesh clung to his bones. Little bits of skin flaked off, floating in the air. He smelled bad, but all new liches did. It took about a year for the smell of rot to fade, replaced by a musty scent […]
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