Monthly Archives: July 2014

Sofas for Less (short fiction)

Cindy and Cragg Dating a Saturnite was hard on Cindy’s furniture. He’d already crushed two sofas, knocked over several lamps, and busted her favorite end table. It wasn’t his fault. Cragg was always aware of the delicate Terrans around him, but the Terrans didn’t always return the favor. He was a mountain on legs, and […]
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Find the Lady (short fiction)

“How long has he been dead?” I asked. “About an hour,” replied his wife. “Is that too long?” I glanced at Lorenzo’s wife, his kids, his elderly mother. “It’s not good, but I think I can still help.” I’d done some research into Lorenzo’s life. He’d been a good man. Not the kind of man […]
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The Last Sentence (short fiction)

It was decided at some point that humans were not that humane. They were careless creatures, cruel, vicious, petty, and flawed. Once they realized this about themselves, they decided to fix it the same way they tried to fix everything. With machines. This is a preview of The Last Sentence (short fiction). Read the full […]
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The Roommate (short fiction)

They were all dead. A room full of people I barely knew It was all my fault. Understand, I wasn’t talking in the abstract. I wasn’t pulling one of those “If only I’d gotten here sooner . . . “ guilty hero moments. I was the bad guy. I’d killed them, and, sure, it’d been […]
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