Monthly Archives: May 2014

Say It with a Smile (short fiction)

One day, Jack discovered he could say and do anything so long as he did it with a smile. “I hate you, Tony. I’ve always hated you.” “That’s nice of you to say, Jack.” “I hate you so much that I slept with your wife, who I don’t even find very attractive. That’s how much […]
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The Needs of Gods (short fiction)

Gods didn’t need faith. They needed mystery. When the first primitive human looked to the skies and pleaded powerlessly for the rain to fall, not too little or too much but just enough to satisfy his needs without killing him, the gods of weather were born. 2,000 years later, one of those gods was informed […]
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She-Hulk: Humble Origins, Awesome Character (opinion)

If you’ve been paying attention to certain corners of the internet, you’ve no doubt heard the rage directed at writer David Goyer while on the podcast Scriptnotes for certain comments he made about the comic book character She-Hulk.  The remarks were simple-minded, ill-conceived, and, for a guy who is famous for mostly writing superhero movies, […]
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Charlie’s Monsters (short fiction)

Two monsters crept into Charlie’s room every night. The monster under the bed was long, like a snake, with a twisted rabbit’s head, and a shock of bright orange hair that ran down the length of its back. The monster in the closet was fat and short with a face like a wolf, one giant […]
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