Monthly Archives: November 2013

Mage Wars (a board game review)

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed any tabletop games.  Just in case you weren’t aware of it, Action Force, I am a big fan of tabletop board and card games.  I was writing reviews before it became a “thing”, and before Will Wheaton started doing it, I sometimes imagined I was the most famous […]
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The (Hypothetical) Video Games of A. Lee Martinez

The Bibliomancer asked (via my Tumblr account, which you should visit if you haven’t yet Are there any of your books that you would like to see as a video game or as the inspiration for one?   Yes.  All of them. Well, maybe not all of them. This is a preview of The […]
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Demon with 10,000 Fists (An Untitled Short Story)

  It’s been a while since I’ve posted any free fiction.  Today’s short story is from an unpublished idea I have called Demon with 10,000 Fists.  It’s probably the closest thing I’ve ever written to traditional urban fantasy (if there is such a thing).  There’s a lot of backstory here, but rather than get into […]
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Old Classics versus New Pop

Here at the A. Lee Martinez Action Force Clubhouse, I’m here to do more than rail against popular culture and extoll the virtues of dinobots.  I’m also answer questions the general public might have about popular culture and the virtues of dinobots. Today’s question comes from Jimmy via Facebook. I’m a teacher at a classical […]
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