Monthly Archives: October 2013

Mailbag: Fanfiction

I’ve been thinking about Pacific Rim, and how I think it’s a pretty great film.  I was also thinking that it’s weird that I wrote a series of essays about how cool Superman can be in response to the disappointing effort that was Man of Steel, but not much about a film I actually enjoyed.  […]
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The Battleship Dilemma

A lot of times, when I talk about my disconnect with modern media (specifically, modern storytelling), it can come across as a dislike of its grimdark nature.  To be sure, I am not generally into gritty stories.  They don’t do a lot for me, though there are one or two that I can enjoy.  Yet […]
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Happy Accidents

Most people acknowledge that the Star Wars prequels are flawed at best and substandard at worst.  I don’t imagine there are many people who would say they’re great films, though I’m sure if you looked hard enough you could find diehard fans who would claim they’re amazing.  Those people are wrong. Truly, objectively wrong. But […]
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Hey there, Action Force.  This weekend I was at Fencon, a Dallas area science fiction / fantasy convention.  I had a great time, hung out with some cool people, touched base with a few fans, and just otherwise socialized with random folks.  It’s a great con, and if you happen to live in the Dallas […]
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