The Deep Below (short fiction)

“Are they really going to do it?” asked Burr. “Again?”

“It’s their way,” said Shad.

In the valley below, the human and orc armies clashed. Blood and steel, honor and glory. It was all they sought. All they ever sought. There had to be everyday humans and orcs, elves and dwarves. Those who didn’t live to fight and fight to live. Or so Burr assumed. He’d never met one of those sorts, but he’d seen the villages, whether built on the fields, carved into the great mountains, or across the broken plains. But those types didn’t seem to matter. In the end, it was always war that drove the surface races. Even the dwarves, who only thought they knew the sanctuary of the Deep Below.

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Harriet and Abraham (short fiction)

They dug him up a week after he died. People were still watching his grave, and that might have been a problem if he’d been buried there. But while no one was looking, a complicated shell game took place, and the corpse of the most famous dead man in America was shuffled off. Then he was buried in a sacred and sacrilegious location where magic lived and things happened that never should.

And then they dug him up.

His flesh was pale. His eyes hollow. A few bugs crawled in his beard, but Harriet had seen worse corpses rising from the dead. He wasn’t screaming. That was always nice. It was a good sign.

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Results May Vary (writing)

Another post inspired by 50 Shades of Grey? Sort of, but before you tune out, let me just say this isn’t really about that at all. Just a jumping off point.

Still reading? Cool.

So 50 Shades is being sold as a romance with BDSM elements that make it unique, and I can see that. It’s unlikely that Shades is doing anything that hasn’t been done other places, but it’s a relatively unexplored area in mainstream romance. Just as people who never really read fantasy were blown away by Harry Potter, though there’s nothing at its foundation that make the story of a boy at wizard school particularly original or surprising, for people who haven’t explored the more unusual corners of erotica, Shades must feel like something new and incredible. And that’s cool. I’m not here to talk about that.

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Monsters from the Id (writing)

My reservations about 50 Shades of Grey aside, I think it’s far too easy to dismiss something this popular and (let’s face it) absurd.  As a writer myself, I marvel at the substandard writing within the book and at a story that (at best) is little more than a kinky romance or (at worst) an unintentional exploration of a dysfunctional, broken relationship.  50 Shades is certainly not a story aimed at me.  Its lack of ninjas and dinosaurs makes that apparent.  And yet, the book is successful.  More successful than I’ll ever be.  While I have no doubt it’s more of a fad than a cultural touchstone, even as a fad, there’s something worth exploring there.  It’s easy to say “This sucks and therefore, I have nothing to learn from it”, but that’s simplistic.  As an artist, I want to speak to people.  I want people to be excited and enthralled by what I write.  I want the passion and obsessiveness of 50 Shades while writing something with more artistic oomph and, yes, a lot less of an ick factor.

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