Among the Gods (short fiction)

Helen and Troy’s Epic Road Quest

During winter break, Troy Kawakami discovered he had a nemesis. He was surprised as anyone.

“Don’t I know you?” Troy asked of the broad-shouldered man standing on the porch. “It’s Smith, right?”


“Yes, you fought the cyclops,” said Troy. “I don’t usually forget a face. Glad to see you’re okay.”

“It was only a few broken bones,” said Smith. “A ruptured spleen. Some severe head trauma.” He shrugged. “But thank you for your concern.”

“No problem. Something I can do for you?”

Smith said, “You can be destroyed.”

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Deathless (writing)

The dilemma all continuing universes / ongoing series must face is how to keep the drama when death is no longer an option. This is a dilemma that comic book superheroes have faced for decades, and which is even now, complicating things as they continue their dominance on the big screen. The math here is simple. Killing characters is one of the easiest ways to raise the stakes, to make the bad guy look bad, to make the good guys seem in trouble. It signals that things are getting serious and that there’s no going back.

Except there usually is.

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The Postponed Dead (short fiction)

Helen and Troy’s Epic Road Quest

The sea lord emerged from the waters and stepped onto the sandy shore. Kelp and barnacles covered the giant. Starfish tangled in his beard, and dozens of urchins had taken root on his back. Behind him, his army trudged. He bellowed his war cry. He raised his trident to the skies and laughed heartily. “Come then, ye cowardly gods! Send down your champion that I might best him before your very eyes!”

The seas boiled with his rage.

A woman in a dark suit that he’d failed to notice cleared her throat.

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Need to Know (short fiction)

Helen and Troy’s Epic Road Quest

Peggy Truthstalker had been born with a full set of tusks and yellow eyes. Orc tradition marked her as a shaman, which wasn’t surprising considering her mother had been a shaman before her, and her grandfather before that. Communing with the spirits and reading omens was in her blood. There was no denying it.

And it was a pain in the ass.

While going through some paperwork, her pen started leaking. The blue droplets spilled across the page, telling the story of the dark future. John two offices down had an undiagnosed medical problem. The spirits didn’t tell her what it was. Just that it’d be fatal in a week.

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