Martinez on Monster

After publishing five novels with Tor Books, I moved to new publisher Orbit Books with Monster. This is my dip into the urban fantasy genre, and while I’d experimented with fantastic elements in the modern world in Gil’s All Fright Diner (which is technically rural fantasy though not sure that’s an official genre), I’d never tackled the specific assumptions and conventions of the urban fantasy genre.

Monster is solidly urban fantasy. It features a protagonist who lives in both the modern world and a magical one. He has magical powers and knows secrets that more mundane folks can’t understand. But there are some choices I made that think set it apart.

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Martinez on Too Many Curses

With The Last Adventure of Constance Verity due out in two weeks, I’ve been revisiting my backlist. Today, it’s Too Many Curses. I’ve written in the past about how Curses remains perhaps my most underrated novel by my own estimation, and when thinking about what I wanted to say about it, I realized I’d already said it. So here’s a repost of an older post that muses on Too Many Curses and why I love it:


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Martinez on The Automatic Detective

Hey there, Action Force. Let’s talk about The Automatic Detective today.

My fourth novel, Detective is the story of indestructible robot Mack Megaton and his exploration into the dark underbelly of Empire City. I label it retro-sci fi crime noir, and while I’m certainly not the first to set a story in a retro futuristic city or combine robots and crime fiction, I’d like to think I did something unique in Detective.

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Martinez on A Nameless Witch

I continue my self-examination of my own work with A Nameless Witch. Witch is probably my most “literary” novel. It certainly gets the most mixed reactions, especially with the ending, but why did I write it in the first place?

I don’t always have a great reason for starting a story. Often, it’s just a cool idea or a random character that pops into my head that I’m interested in exploring. From there, a story springs forth. But Witch was written with a very specific theme and as a very specific rebuttal to a trope I’ve always hated: Magic that can be counted by the Power of Love.

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