Too Many Curses

I love Too Many Curses, my fifth novel. It is, however, probably my most obscure and least loved. There are a few reasons for this, but most practically, it was my last novel with Tor Publishing, which meant it didn’t get a lot of love from the publisher. They did eventually release it in mass market and on, for which I am grateful. But it was my last book with the publisher, and I can’t blame them for not being terribly excited by it.

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“It’s better to think the best of everyone and be wrong than assume the worst and be right.”

–Nessy, Too Many Curses


We are an inherently suspicious species, but it is, often, a dishonest form of suspicion. We don’t mistrust and suspect on evidence but on our own preconceived notions and ideas. Once you know where to look for it, you see it everywhere.

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The God of Mire (short fiction)

They cast Brant into the swamp, leaving him to die because none of them had the guts to kill him themselves. They’d push him into the muck and the mud, but getting their hands dirty was beneath them. They thought it made them better people, but it only made them cowards, hiding behind tradition and rules they all followed without question.

Noma had hesitated to follow Brant. She would’ve liked herself more if she hadn’t, but she wasn’t as strong as she hoped. She watched him trudge into the mire and thought there wasn’t any point throwing her own life away when she couldn’t save his. Whatever cruel mercies the swamp offered, it never surrendered a sacrifice.

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The WHY of Your Story (writing)

Hey, Action Force. Here’s a cool, short article on writing I did for writers group, the DFW Writers Workshop. Check it out:

The WHY of Your Story


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