The Judgments of Lorenzo (short fiction)

Divine Misfortune

It was in the middle of the night that someone came knocking on Lorenzo’s door. Even before answering, he knew it was the gods. It was always the gods at this hour.

“Don’t answer it,” said Clifton.

“You know that doesn’t work. They’ll just keep knocking.” Lorenzo kissed Clifton on the cheek. “Go back to sleep. This won’t take long.”

Clifton pulled the covers over his head and grumbled.

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Barbecue (short fiction)

Super Janine


Barry couldn’t make the barbecue. He was off fighting mole people or fish people or something. Nobody was certain. That was the disadvantage of being so powerful. He was always one supersonic flight away from an emergency. On good days, he could even teleport.

Unless a giant robot attack happened in my neck of the woods, there wasn’t much I could do about a volcano halfway across the globe. It relieved me of the responsibility, and there were days I was grateful for that. But without Barry, I was stuck with Henry and Eugene, and none of us got along that well. We could count on each other in the middle of an emergency, but in our everyday life, there wasn’t much common ground.

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Inside Out (review)

I enjoyed Inside Out, but didn’t love it. It took me a while to figure out why (or at least part of the reason).

For a story about emotion, the tale is surprisingly emotionless. The internal characters wander from scene-to-scene, yet there isn’t much purpose to their wandering other than to set the next scene, to get from Point A to Point B. Perhaps the complaint I have with Inside Out is that we don’t really need to spend all that time in Riley’s head at all.

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Believing in Ant-Man (commentary)

So Marvel has made a ton of money by being willing to invest in characters nobody really cared much about before. Oh, sure, comic book fans knew about Iron Man and Thor and Captain America, but your average person on the street didn’t really give a damn one way or another.

And then Marvel went ahead and did it. They managed to make the first Big Superhero Team-Up movie, and they made it work. And it blew people away.

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