The Mary Sue Myth

Is it too late to talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Am I culturally irrelevant? Eh, whatever. Let’s do it. This isn’t really about Star Wars anyway.

One of the complaints aimed at the film is that Rey is “A Mary Sue”. As proof, it’s pointed out that she’s an incredibly competent character nearly from the get go, and she exhibits force powers beyond being believable.

So, first off, this is a movie about a science fantasy setting where spaceships and space wizards exist. That’s not a get out of jail card in terms of consistent or sensible storytelling, but it does render much of the criticism irrelevant. And for a series drawing on pulp traditions, the very idea of a “Mary Sue” is difficult to nail down.

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Fantastic Tropes & Where to Find Them

Saw Fantastic Beasts. Short review: I enjoyed it. Didn’t love it.

Disclaimer: I’m not a big Harry Potter fan. I don’t dislike the world or the stories, but I’ve never been enamored of the setting or the universe. I’ve never found it particularly interesting or compelling. It gets the job done, and I find nothing objectionable about it. Just doesn’t excite me.

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Saving the Movies

Hello, Action Force. Sorry I haven’t been around much lately, but I’ve been busy trying to finish up this latest book.

But I’ve also managed to start a podcast with a friend where we talk about underrated and undervalued movies, and our first episode is up. So if you’re interested in hearing two guys analyze and praise the classic film, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, then here’s your chance.

Scott and Lee Save the Movies

We’re also on iTunes:

Scott and Lee Save the Movies



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Jean Gray vs. the Movies

X-Men’s The Phoenix Saga only really works in a serialized format. This is why the X-movies have done such a poor job with it and why even after rebooting the damned series, they’re still going to do a bad job of it. Nonetheless, it is an iconic storyline in the comic books, and therefore, must be done in the movies by law of middling, unambitious storytelling, something that defines the X-movies.

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