A Sea of White

I can always do better.

We all can.

As a writer, I’ve come to see is the lie of “Colorblind” writing. The idea presented is that if writers don’t deliberately describe a character, the audience is free to imagine that character in whatever fashion they might want. It’s a great idea in theory. One of the things I love about writing is how much I can allow the audience to do the work. My own style is often mistaken for YA-influenced because I’m not a big fan of overlong descriptions. It’s not because I am trying to write simpler. It’s because I honestly don’t give much of a damn about stuff like that, often finding it uninteresting in stories I read. When I describe something, it should matter. And if it doesn’t matter, I don’t tend to describe it.

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The Real World and Wakanda (and Why It Matters)

What follows are some thoughts about Black Panther and cultural context. These are, by default, outsider’s thoughts in many regards. I acknowledge this in advance.

Reality influences fiction. As much as we might want to separate art from the moment, especially pop art that is meant to be mostly enjoyed, we can’t really do that. Nothing exists in a vacuum, and while I’m not interested in limiting or censoring creative output (even “vacuous” output that is as much product as art), I think it’s good–important even–to discuss how our popular media relates to the world around us.

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Longrunners and the Cruelty of Time

I’ve written before about how I find Star Wars to be uninteresting in terms of storytelling analysis. There’s simply too much baggage around it for any kind of judgment, either good or bad. But I do find Star Wars interesting in how it sits in our popular culture, especially how that culture has changed over the course of 40 years. If you think about it, that’s a lot of time for something to stick around, and like all longrunners, Star Wars is shaped by the culture of its past and the culture of its present.

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Vader v. Anakin: Dawn of Backstory

What makes a character work and what doesn’t isn’t always easy to define, but I will say that backstory is probably the least important aspect of nearly any character. We love digging into a character’s past, to find what makes them tick and drives them. And many a great character has gained something from having an interesting backstory.


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